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Examples of skin respiration

There are animals that breathe through the skin as well as other organs. The skin respiration is the distribution of oxygen through the integument surface blood vessels to. The carbon dioxide that is generated is eliminated from the blood vessels through the integument. Vessels blood are responsible for carrying oxygen to all organs.

These animals can be insects, fish, amphibians , reptiles, and some mammals. The skin respiration is more common than we think.

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A characteristic in common among all animals that breathe through their skin is that it is almost always kept moist thanks to mucous glands . In addition, internally they have many vessels that facilitate the process, as well as lungs or gills that complement the respiratory system.

Species that breathe through the skin

    • Annelids : Annelids are protostomous invertebrate animals , in the shape of a cylinder, with bilateral symmetry, without limbs and with soft and elongated bodies.
    • Amphibians : they are anamniotic four-legged and ectothermic vertebrates, that is, they regulate their temperature according to the ambient temperature.
    • Echinoderms : these are deuterostomous and benthic marine animals

Not all species breathe only through the skin, as salamanders do. Amphibians have three forms of respiration, including the cutaneous one.

Examples of animals that breathe through skin

  • Earthworms
  • Leech medicinalis (Hirudíneos)
  • Gossiphonia Leech (Hirudíneos)
  • Neresis (marine polychaete)
  • Frogs
  • Axolotl (type of American salamander)
  • Gymnophiona (Cecilia)
  • Triturus marmoratus (false or Jalapa newt)
  • Chiropterotriton priscus (Primitive flatfoot salamander)
  • Litoria caerulea (Tree frog)
  • Ascaphus (New Zealand Frog)
  • Sooglossidae (Seychelles frog)
  • Dendrobates azureus (Blue Arrow Frog)
  • Dendrobatidae (poison frog)
  • Salamander
  • Common toad
  • Giant toad
  • Triton
  • Sea urchins
  • Sea cucumber
  • Starfish
  • Compatula
  • Sea urchin
  • Starfish
  • Flamenco language
  • Sea lily
  • Ofiura
  • Sea cucumber
  • Snuffbox
  • Brown bat (only 15% of its oxygen)

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