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Examples of Solutions


The solutions are homogeneous mixtures , that is, their components cannot be distinguished with the naked eye, nor is it possible to separate them into two phases so easily, without some indicated procedure or process.

It is for this reason that a solution retains all its properties at any point where checks are made. If two compounds or substances are mixed to the point that the distinction from the original substances is lost then this is a dissolution.

Although solutions are combinations of substances that acquire special properties depending on the proportion of the mixture, this is not a chemical reaction since this would become one or more substances.

The mixtures can be made in a gaseous or liquid state but hardly solid, while the mixture can occur in any of the 3 states of aggregation of matter, for example an amalgam is a solution of two or more metals in a liquid state that once they cool down to a solid state.

The solutions cannot be separated by centrifugation or filtration but time and gravity can separate the components to a certain extent, for example salt diluted in water usually settles after a certain time. The solutions consist of two components the solvent and the solute , the solute is the one that dissolves in the solvent to create the mixture.

Examples of solutions

  1. Salt Water (Salt dissolved in water).
  2. Agua de Azucara (Sugar dissolved in water).
  3. Dental Amalgams (Silver dissolved in Mercury).
  4. Bronze (Copper and Tin dissolved together).
  5. Tea (Vegetable fluids in water).
  6. Gelatin (Grenetina with Water).
  7. Polystyrene (different polymers together).
  8. Steel (an amalgam of iron and coal).
  9. Air (a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases)
  10. Butter (transforms into a liquid state)
  11. Aerosol (becomes a gaseous state)
  12. Oxygen in ocean water
  13. Butane in air
  14. The oil
  15. Blood
  16. Shaving foam
  17. Salt in water
  18. Powdered sachet juice
  19. Ammonia
  20. Deodorant

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