Examples of tables in HTML

Tables in HTML

It is a strictly defined concept and adopted in the same way over time throughout the world as HTML . That is to say, it is a form of organization of varied data in columns and rows in order to transmit certain information that only in this way can be understood and analyzed.

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Speaking from the point of view of an HTML-type document , we can define it as a certain row group that in turn contains a certain group of cells. Unlike the set of rows contained in a group of columns, the impact it has on the behavior and composition of the table is completely different.

These types of HTML tables are built using various elements. Among them we can mention three basic elements, namely:

    • <table> element or main container: this element represents a table that makes it easier for creators or authors to make the necessary representations of information that is tabulated in a document. This element only acts as a container for other declared elements.
    • <tr> element or container rows within cells: this is the element that contains a row within a table. In HTML presentations, the tables are made up of a set of rows where each one contains a number of cells. That is why this element is closely related to the number of cells, either data or headers.<td> element : this element represents the cell itself. It is the element that is responsible for representing a cell of data contained in a table, so it has been directly linked to an element or row mechanism.

It should be noted that, according to this format, the structure you give to the codes or elements will result in what is displayed on the screen.

Examples of tables in HTML

  1. Table 1
  • <table class = »egt»>
  • <tr>
  • <th> Today </th>
  • <th> Tomorrow </th>
  • <th> Friday </th>
  • </tr>
  • <tr>
  • <td> Sunny </td>
  • <td> Mostly sunny </td>
  • <td> Partly cloudy </td>
  • </tr>
  • <tr>
  • <td> 19 ° C </td>
  • <td> 17 ° C </td>
  • <td> 12 ° C </td>
  • </tr>
  • <tr>
  • <td> E 13 km / h </td>
  • <td> E 11 km / h </td>
  • <td> S 16 km / h </td>
  • </tr>
  • </table>

Table display

  1. Table 2
  2. Table 3
  3. Table 4
  4. Table 5

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