Examples of team sports

Team sports

Sports are considered as activities of a generally physical nature where a person performs actions that are part of the activity or game that is being carried out. It is important to note that sports can be performed individually or collectively, depending on the sport to be performed.

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There are so many that we can hardly know a small part of the most common ones. Today we are going to mention some examples among which we will talk about the most famous but also some that you may not have ever heard of.

It is important to point out that there are activities that are considered team sports, where participants do not need skills or physical conditions but rather mental agility; An example of this are electronic games which, despite many differences with respect to the position in which they are currently placed, is considered a team sport.

Examples of team sports

    1. The first example, how could it be otherwise, is football . It is the king of sports par excellence, and even in places where there are no powerful leagues it is increasingly common to see how people become fond of this team sport.
    2. Another superlative example is as it is known in Europe, American football  that has nothing to do with football as we have mentioned before, which is called soccer in English. Despite the push of the second, the league final held in the United States, known as the Super Bowl, is the most watched sporting event in the world year after year.
  1. The pole is another example of team sport that attracts a lot of fans, but in this case tends to be a kind of sport with a less elitist court pleases the mass and focuses on higher rank circles.
  2. Another example of a team sport although this time it is something less well known is chase cycling. The dynamic consists of two groups of four cyclists who challenge each other inside an oval track and the team that manages to catch the other running until they reach it wins.
  3. We also have tennis . Yes, tennis is also a team sport, especially when playing doubles, but it is also considered of this modality since the coach has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the athlete who battles on the court.
  4. The baseball  also is considered a team sport because there are many people involved in implementing it. It is then about two teams that compete 9 times or ining of 3 sets each ining. It is a sport where the glove, a ball and a bat are used.
  5. The boat rowing  also is considered a sport played in teams. It is a physical activity where participants must row together in a boat competing to reach the finish line.
  6. Water polo  is a game where two teams participate. In this activity, team members play in the water, that is, they have half their body up out of the water and throw the ball in order to score on the opponent’s team’s court.
  7. Rugby  is a physical game where two teams, made up of a certain number of players in each, participate. It is a game where you apply a lot of force and a ball. The court is delimited and whoever reaches the goal of the opposing team, scores.
  8. Volleyball  is also considered a team game where two groups of five players each compete. The sport is practiced on a defined court, with a mesh running through the middle of the court and a ball. The goal is to pass the ball to the opposite side of the court without the opposing team being able to counter-hit or return the ball, that is, whoever drops the ball to the ground loses and gives points to the opposing team.

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