Examples of Technological Devices, Objects and Artifacts

Examples of Technological Devices, Objects and Artifacts

The devices, objects or technological devices are devices that are born in the digital age and are used by humans to perform different tasks either in the workplace, in their daily lives or in the process of distraction and entertainment.

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The devices, objects or technological devices have different functions and these are represented by devices that have a large and some very small and innovative presentation.

25 Examples of Technological Devices, Objects and Artifacts

  1. Smart watch: Also known as smartwatch, they are electronic bracelets that in addition to providing the time, fulfill more complex functions such as step accounting, agenda, alarm, camera, among others.
  2. Phones: In addition to calls and messages, smartphone companies expand the diversity of functions that each of these devices present.
  3. Music players: The use of equipment such as the radio is being displaced by smaller, wireless equipment with a greater number of functions.
  4. Televisions: Currently include high definition images and 3D image transmission.
  5. Laptops: Computers such as tablets and laptops have innovated the use of computers such asoffice computers .
  6. GPS: Innovation in finding directions is now easier with these devices that are even included in smartphones.
  7. Camcorder: The presentation of these devices is getting smaller and smaller and allows recording and photography functions even under water.
  8. Books: The digitization of these learning instruments modernize reading and teaching processes. In addition, it facilitates access to them due to low costs and the availability of having them on our portable devices.
  9. Storage memories: Device created for the expansion of the support capacity of audiovisual, graphic or musical material within our portable devices.
  10. Drones: It is an aerial device that fulfills different functions, including the loading of material from one side to the other, or the capture of images and video.
  11. Microwave: Tools that facilitate our work in culinary activities.
  12. Video game consoles: Among the technological advances is the creation of devices that are intended for distraction, these include a large number of games and are presented in different sizes and shapes.
  13. Flashlights: Instruments created to illuminate at any time and meet the basic need of man as it is to have electric light.
  14. Blender:  This represents one of the most used instruments in the kitchen. It allows food to be crushed and passed from a solid to a liquid phase.
  15. The wheel: This instrument symbolizes one of themost important technological advances of humanity. Even though they have not undergone major changes, they represent a significant development in automobile mobility.
  16. Hair dryer: It is one of the most widely used electrical appliances in beauty salons and as portable equipment.
  17. 3D printers: It is part of the new technological innovations in image printing.
  18. USB memories: Equipment such as Pen-drives or memories allow greater performance of information transfer.
  19. Remote control: The manipulation work that is obtained between infrared light and radio signals has been a necessary technological innovation in many areas.
  20. Robots: The implementation of these multifunctional machines is more and more frequent inadvanced societies .
  21. Wireless Internet: Having access to the Internet is becoming easier and more practical, through wireless Wi-Fi devices.
  22. Electric guitar: Important advance in the music industry in terms of sound broadcasting and music projections.
  23. Heaters: The transformation of cold water to higher temperatures is a product of the technological advances that have been made in this industry.
  24. Electric cars: Innovation in the automotive world includes cars that are driven with a charge and not with traditional batteries.
  25. Stoves: The transformation in the way of cooking has come to electrical innovation.

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