Examples of the best social networks in 2021

Social networks are media platforms where users can communicate, interact, share information, and more. There are a large number of them, but not all of them are as popular or widely used as the social media examples we share below.

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Social media examples of 2021


It is undoubtedly an example of the most successful social networks, ideal for connecting with friends, family and people in general, discovering new interests, sharing content, photos, videos, links to web pages, etc. It is not only used by people, it is also used by companies and it also has mobile applications so that users remain connected even when they are away from home.


Also known as Google Plus, it is not as popular as Facebook, but it also has a large user base. It allows you to connect with many people, upload different types of content, you can also publish articles and has the advantage that it integrates with many of the most popular Google services such as Docs, Gmail, Calendar, among others.


It is a microblogging social network, which is also one of the most popular today, even used by a large number of personalities from the entertainment industry, political figures, athletes, etc. It allows to share, exchange, publish information through comments in text format with a certain character limit. All tweets appear on the user’s home page and it is undoubtedly one of the most important real-time communication platforms today.


It is by far the most popular online video platform on the Internet, an example of social networks where users have the opportunity to create channels, upload videos, comment, even create their own playlists, as well as earn money with their videos. Like Google+, it is also connected to other Google services, which increases its functionality.


This is a social network based on photos and videos, of great popularity on the mobile platform and which also has thousands of famous people who daily share their moments through images and short videos. Users can create a profile and share their content only with those they want, they can even make their profile private. It includes editing tools to optimize the images that are uploaded to the social network through filters.


This is a social network focused on companies and professionals, ideal for establishing business relationships since in it you can find a large number of companies from more than 200 countries around the world. Therefore, it is an ideal showcase for career advancement, very useful for sharing technical information, even for searching and finding job opportunities.

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