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Examples of Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic is defined as the type of material that when subjected to high temperatures tends to deform or become flexible.

This type of material deforms when it is heated but when it cools it recovers its consistency. But if these are heated several times, they lose their physical properties, which makes their bonds weak.

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10 Examples of Thermoplastics

    1. Pvc: this is polyvinyl chloride which is found in different products such as pipes and even some toys. This type of product is not toxic to health.
    2. Plastic bags and disposable diapers which are made of polyethylene.
    3. Nylon: If you didn’t know, nylon found in clothing is a type of plastic.
  1. Teflon is another product that, when subjected to heat, has a different texture.
  2. Polyester – used to make beverage bottles and food storage containers.
  3. Polystyrene: this is used for the manufacture of packaging and insulating plates.
  4. Polyvinyls: This is used to make water pipes, gas pipes, electrical insulators, raincoats and old records that were used for music.
  5. Polypropyrenes: it is used to make syringes, cases with hinged lids, boxes, among others.
  6. Many kitchen utensils are made with this type of material so they always bring their instructions for use.
  7. Thermoplastics are excellent thermal and electrical insulators.
  8. These products are excellent for recycling and reuse, as they deform only at high heat temperatures.
  9. They have excellent resistance to room temperature.
  10. These products are reliable to use since they do not pollute, due to their properties they are suitable for use in the kitchen, children can use their toys with complete peace of mind without running any type of danger.

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