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Examples of Third Degree Levers

Third degree levers are defined as tools that have the power located between the resistance and the fulcrum, where the power is less than the resistance section.

In third degree levers the force will always be applied between the fulcrum and the resisting force.

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15 Examples of Third Degree Levers

  • The stapler has the force at the fulcrum.
  • The eyebrow tweezer can be used correctly when pressure is applied.
  • He removes staples.
  1. A fishing rod.
  2. She cuts nails.
  3. Tweezers: They work well when pressed.
  4. The oars.
  5. The hammer when driving a nail: when you are going to hammer you have to exert a little force.
  6. The shovel when soil is being removed.
  7. The pliers.
  8. The kitchen clamp.
  9. The hair clips: to be able to collect the hair you have to open the clip since its force is in the center.
  10. Hooks for pressing clothes.
  11. The elbow of human beings: when lifting an object, the elbows exert a force.
  12. The jaw, when chewing food, the jaw exerts a force.
  13. The nut splitting clamp.
  14. The knees when lifting weights.
  15. The broom when sweeping.

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