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Examples of Toxins

The toxins are substances produced by different types of organisms, such as plants, animals , bacteria and other living things . It is a type of protein that can cause physical damage in other organisms, it can be considered a poison, although the effects of each toxin can be very different from those of others. For example, sometimes they can cause temporary stinging in contact with the skin, in very extreme cases they can cause death even in a very short time.

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25 Examples of Toxins

  1. Aquatic biotoxins
  2. Cyanogenic glycosides
  3. Furocoumarins
  4. Lecithins
  5. Mycotoxins
  6. Solanine
  7. Chaconina
  8. Muscimol
  9. Muscarina
  10. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
  11. Okadaic acid
  12. Crotamine
  13. Heat labile enterotoxin
  14. Heat resistant enterotoxin
  15. Exotoxin
  16. Hemotoxin
  17. Immunotoxin
  18. Latrunculin
  19. Microcystin
  20. Neandrina
  21. Neurotoxin
  22. Pectenotoxins
  23. Ptakyloside
  24. Ricin
  25. Diphtheria toxin

Classification of Toxins

According to their chemical nature, toxins can be classified into: protein toxins and glucid-lipid-polypeptide toxins , in the latter type there is another group of toxins that we mention below:

  • Neurotoxins: they are exogenous chemicals, that is, they are produced outside of an organism and their harmful effects occur in the nervous tissue, the damage they produce is at the level of the nervous system.
  • Hemotoxins: this type are those that eliminate red blood cells from the blood, produce clots which causes normal flow to be interrupted causing in turn a series of damage to other organs of the body, in many cases if the wounds are not treated Caused with this type of toxin, amputation of the affected limb may be necessary and other injuries may be permanent.
  • Myotoxins : they are small-sized peptides, this type of toxins are very common in the venoms of many snakes, they are molecules made up of amino acids that are joined by bonds known as peptides.
  • Mycotoxins: these types of toxins are those that are produced in what is known as the fungi kingdom, that is, they are found in molds, fungi, mushrooms and yeasts.

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