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Examples of Visual Metaphor

A visual metaphor constitutes a resource that allows the expression of situations or ideas through images. The comics are one of the most didactic examples of a metaphor visual, because through them we find different scenes that encode us a message.

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The visual metaphor is also a key element in the creation of advertising messages, since it allows the consumer to connect with the product through product ideas based on visual elements that they communicate.

20 Examples of Visual Metaphor

  1. If we observe, for example, a fork, a spoon and a knife it is indicating that a few meters away we will have a restaurant.
  2. When we look at an ice cream, we are in front of or near an ice cream parlor.
  3. If we see an advertisement for shoes, we are next to a shoe store.
  4. If we observe a pig or a cow on a fence, it indicates a carnage.
  5. All traffic signs exemplify a visual metaphor.
  6. The emojis used in WhatsApp represent a visual metaphor.
  7. The cartoons published in the press.
  8. Brand logos.
  9. A light bulb on a person’s head is a visual metaphor that indicates an idea.
  10. A high voltage sign is a visual idea that indicates danger to us.
  11. The images that are created through the pruning of trees, simulating some artistic figure, constitute visual metaphors.
  12. A sign of a red cross indicates that nearby we can find a medical service.
  13. Images that are created on scraps of wood or other material.
  14. Illustrations formed with fruits and other edible elements.
  15. When we observe some women painting their nails or wearing masks, we imagine hairdressing services.
  16. Comic magazines are an example of a visual metaphor.
  17. The guerrilla advertising used by companies is part of visual metaphors.
  18. When we see an advertisement in a baby carriage, we assume that they have a baby on board.
  19. Parking spaces and other spaces for the disabled are marked with a picture of a person in wheelchairs.
  20. The arrows that are painted on the pavements that indicate directions correspond to visual metaphors.

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