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Examples of Voluntary Movements

The body of living beings is controlled by voluntary movements through reasoning. They are all those nervous responses to a stimulus, the order of which comes from the brain. As their name suggests, these depend on our will and are subject to our control.

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Every second of our life we ​​carry out voluntary movements such as: eating, walking, running, grabbing objects, among others.

The locomotor system is made up of different systems, including the nervous system, which provides modulation and generation of movement orders. Mainly, it is a device made up of three elements:

  • Bones: The skeleton of the human body, which is supplied by bones, which have the ability to rebuild and regenerate in the face of casual problems.
  • Joints: They provide plasticity and elasticity to the body.
  • Muscles: Spasmodic organs of the human body, it is formed by a muscular tissue that can be compressed or expanded, this will depend on the impulses coming from the nervous system.

20 Examples of Voluntary Movements 

  1. Stop
  2. To move the arms
  3. Move your legs
  4. To run
  5. Lie
  6. Eat and drink
  7. Bundle up when it’s cold
  8. Say hello to someone
  9. Speak
  10. To swim
  11. Key
  12. Sing
  13. Bend
  14. Push a button
  15. Sit down
  16. Riding a bicycle
  17. To walk
  18. Take a pencil
  19. Write.
  20. Everything related to practicing a sport

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