Examples of WAN Networks

WAN or Wide Area Network is a type of network made up of terminals or computers that are physically far from each other. This network can be made up of several LAN networks (Local Area Network), which are those that are within the same physical space (building, house or university campus). The best known WAN network is the Internet.

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But apart from the Internet there are many WAN networks that are developed and configured especially for companies and private organizations. There are also cases in which these networks are built by Internet provider companies in order to provide said service to customers.

These types of networks are characterized by being interconnected point to point , in other words, they use switching nodes that must have the capacity to support a high volume of information traffic and data transmission from one city or even from one country to another.

There are also circuit-switched, message-switched, packet-switched, connection- oriented networks, and connectionless networks.

10 Examples of WAN Networks

  1. The RedIRIS
  2. Ethernet
  3. Internet
  4. Microsoft Networks
  5. Networks of banking entities
  6. Transnational business networks
  7. Military satellite networks
  8. Pay TV networks
  9. Internal network of universities with several extensions in a city or region
  10. Internal system in telecommunication companies of a country to synchronize services.

Types of WAN Network

WAN networks can be of different types and we will mention some of them:

  • WAN network per circuit: this type of network is received by the broadband of telephone lines.
  • WAN network per message: it is made up of computers that accept the traffic from each of the network terminals.
  • Red Wan by packets: the information is divided into small parts and once it reaches its destination, it is integrated back into its original message.

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