Examples of warm-up exercises

Exercising generates energy, relaxes us, strengthens our muscles and consequently they remain healthy in the long term. Wonderful habit that we should not start at all without first preparing our physiognomy for whatever routines we have in mind to do. Preambular body movements that you will know in the examples of warm-up exercises, which we will detail below:

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Examples of warm-up exercises

1) Neck warming; It is the simplest and most fun to do, you simply must:

  • Stand as straight and relaxed as you can and do with your head; 10 affirmations, 10 negations and 10 circular movements. Perform 2 or 3 series in total and in the same way once you finish the round of all of them (affirmations-negations-circles and you repeat the cycle).

2) Arm warming; In addition to preparing your limbs to exercise your anatomy, the movements you will make will help you improve your posture:

  • Similarly standing, fully extend your arms up from your head, face and join your palms, and begin to do with both arms at the same time, circular movements around your body so that in each step of these over your head, your palms meet again.
  • Perform 4 sets of 10 circles; 2 forward and 2 backward How? At the moment of starting (when your arms are extended with the palms joined) this heating begins towards the back of your head and at the end of that first cycle, the second one begins it towards the front of your head, in such a way you will obtain a global activation of the muscles that make up these limbs.

3) Leg and glute warm-up; The following physical activity will prepare your anatomy to exercise, the parts already mentioned next to, your knees, your ankles and your calves:

  • Stand up in front of a ladder (if you do not have any nearby step, and even improvised by you, it is equally useful) begin to go up and down it without haste or calm so straight your anatomy can guide and as for your arms, let them stretched natural and relaxed.
  • Make a total of 50 ups and downs alternating between them.

These practical examples of warm-up exercises are totally basic, with them your body, although it will be ready to perform a variety of sports and related activities in terms of global energy requirement and disposition of the muscles to support / carry a variety of objects. If the dimension of such burden or purpose is extreme, you must prepare your body thoroughly and extensively.

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