Examples of Web Applications

Web applications are defined as those tools that users use to access a web service through the Internet.

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The Web applications are popular because they are very practical to make time client, see how easy it is to upgrade any application without having to distribute or install the software. A web page can contain a direct communication between the user and the information. The advantage of web applications is that they can be used in any browser.

5 Examples of Web Applications

  1. Google Docs: this is an excellent application since through it you can save documents either on your computer or google drive account. You can also print them or just share them with your friends.
  2. com: the Pixlr application is ideal for photo editing since it was created by the inspiration of the famous photo editing program Adobe Photoshop, it is very easy to capture thanks to the design of its photos and the good structure of its program.
  3. io: if you are starting in the world of applications, this is the perfect application since it is the tool that will help you test the codes and choose what really works for you.
  4. Evernote: with this application you can organize yourself in a very simple way since you will only have to use its post –it to navigate easily.
  5. Netflix: thanks to this application, users can follow the movie series they want since it does not have a time limit since you can watch them at the time you want. This web application works very easily, you just have to access the application or the web page and enter the user credentials and then search for the name of the movie you want to watch.

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