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Examples of winged insects

The only invertebrates that have wings are insects, although not all have them and they tend to be more resistant than they appear thanks to the fact that they are made of cuticles, they are extremely thin, some are finer than hair, with a network of fine veins. that serve as sensors , we will give examples of insects with wings and some reviews that may be interesting.

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The only animals that have wings capable of flying are birds, bats, and insects. The insects are from the group of invertebrates called arthropods, which are characterized by having a hard and rigid body with soft joints, those classified as wingless insects lack them.

Examples of Hymenoptera winged insects (Hymenoptera)

All species of bees, wasps, ants and bumblebees belong to this group.

  1. Cotesia Congregata of Pennsylvania, parasitoid wasp, United States
  2. Persuasive rhyssa
  3. Pnigalio mediterranens of the family Eulophidae
  4. Eumeninae wasp or potter wasp from South Carolina, United States
  5. Eumen coarctatus (subfamily Eumeninae)
  6. Arge cyanocrocea (Argidae family) Poland
  7. Chrysis ignita (family Chrysididae)
  8. Aleiodes indiscretus
  9. Megachile species or leaf-cutter bee. (family Megachilidae)
  10. Tenthredo largiflava (family Tenthredinidae) from Belgium
  11. Mellifera Apis or Bee honey is the bees best known and found in any part of the planet .
  12. Vespa orientalis or Oriental Hornet

Examples of insects with wings diptera (Diptera)

This group of insects only have two wings and large eyes, in this classification are flies and mosquitoes.

  1. House fly
  2. Asilidae flies
  3. Ceratitis capitata, “Mediterranean fly”
  4. Anopheles gambiae, is a group of 6 species of mosquitoes or so-called mosquitoes
  5. Aedes aegypti, transmitter of dengue, yellow fever, among other diseases.

Examples of Lepidoptera winged insects (Lepidoptera)

In this classification are butterflies, their species and diversity is very extensive, divided into more than 127 families of this type of insects and some 165,000 documented species.

  1. Monarch butterfly, native to North America, can travel about 4,000 kilometers.
  2. Purple emperor butterfly, only males of this species have this color.
  3. Pachliopta jophon butterfly, known as the “Sri Lankan rose”, is in danger of extinction.
  4. Butterfly Papilio Aristodemus, can be seen in southern Florida, the Bahamas and Cuba.
  5. Large Saturn Butterfly measuring approximately 10 cm. is in Malaysia.
  6. Crystal winged butterfly, beautiful species with transparent wings.

Examples of insects with blatodean wings (Blattodea)

This group includes cockroaches and termites.

  1. The giant Madagascar cockroach or Gromphadorhina
  2. Giant termite (Mastotermes darwiniensis) found in Australia
  3. Oriental or black cockroach, Blatta orientalis.
  4. Germanic blattella or blonde or German cockroach.
  5. Periplaneta americana or red or American cockroach

Examples of cleoptera winged insects (Coleoptera)

Beetles fall into this category.

  1. Lamprima aurata
  2. Dynastinae (Megasoma sp.)
  3. Weevil Rhinotia hemistictus or Long-nosed Weevil
  4. Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, weevil native to tropical Asia
  5. Chondropyga dorsalis
  6. Amblytelus sp.
  7. Ladybird or Coccinellidae (Coccinellidae)

Examples of odonata winged insects (Odonata)

Dragonflies are odonate-type insects.

  1. Zygopter, Ischnura senegalensis, native to Africa
  2. Blue Damselfly or Calopteryx virgo
  3. Crocothemis erythraea from Puerto Rico
  4. Sympetrum vulgatum, from the temperate zones of Europe and Asia

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