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Examples of wood according to its hardness

Throughout our history, wood has been used as a building material and also as fuel . Hardwoods are those that come from growing trees that, as a consequence of their high resistance, are generally used in the manufacture of high-quality furniture.

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Examples of wood according to its hardness, detailing its main characteristics


It is a wood that is characterized by having a somewhat yellowish brown color and which is currently one of the most valued hardwoods on the market. It is an example of wood that stands out for its resistance and also for being very durable. It is generally used in the manufacture of high-end furniture.


This wood is characterized by having a color between dark brown and reddish , although in reality its color varies from one species to another. It is considered one of the hardest woods since its heartwood, which is the central portion of the trunk, has the ability to withstand a long period of time in conditions that are not favorable for its conservation.


This is also another example of resistant woods , which comes from the southern and central areas of Europe, although it is also found in western Asia. What makes this type of wood stand out is that it has a high resistance to static bending, and it also has high elasticity, not to mention its resistance to compression. In addition to having an ornamental use, it is frequently used in furniture, cabinetry, wooden doors, curved furniture, decorative veneers, etc.


In this case, it is an example of wood according to its hardness, which stands out for its ocher green color, which over the years darkens and acquires more beautiful tones. The olive wood has very irregular veins, as well as a gnarled trunk; It tends to crack, which is why it is difficult to saw, however once it is sawn, it is easy to work with this wood. Very smooth finishes are obtained, with an excellent natural shine and of course it is durable and resistant.

Holm oak

Holm oak is one of the examples of wood according to its hardness, which stands out because its uses are very varied and it is also highly resistant. Holm oak is a wood that has a reddish color in the heartwood and a whitish color in the sapwood. It is a hard wood and relatively difficult to work with. It also stands out because it has a great resistance to putrefaction.


It is a wood that has perfectly marked growth rings , in addition to having a coarse texture and an uneven grain. Not only that, this wood has a yellow-brown color to the sapwood and a brown color to the heartwood. Something interesting about this wood is that the light darkens it, which causes it to reach gray tones over time. Elm is an easy wood to work with, and excellent finishes and gluing can be achieved.

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