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Examples of zoography


Zoography is a branch of zoology which is responsible for the study of animals in different parts of the planet and the factors that come into play for this to be that way. In the same way, this specialty searches for and collects all the information on the species and their characteristics, among which we can mention:

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  • their particular physical and behaviors
  • the relationship they have with other species within the same habitat
  • and the ability to adapt to these environments.

Zoography can classify animal species as:

  • cosmopolitans and that are those that are found throughout the planet while
  • the endemic are those that only occupy certain territory which in turn is characterized by environment of these animal species.

A clear example of zoography can be cats , which are four-legged mammals , belong to the or felidae family, they communicate by means of meows, moans and grunts and also by body language, they are very elastic and have great reflexes, they groom themselves to keep clean and they are very independent animals.

This term is also valid to be applied in everyday language since it is not necessary to provide scientific data to describe animals since at first glance you can give details that describe the species, such as: «the monkey is a furry, hungry animal, playful, measures 80 centimeters and is sociable with others of the same species and with humans.

Examples of zoography

  1. The spectacled bear has as its habitat the Andean Amazon region of South America, covering countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador, the northern area of ​​Argentina, this mammal measures 2.2 meters tall on average, its tail measures between 7 to 8 centimeters and its ears 9 centimeters, in its adult stage it weighs between 90 and 180 kilos, its fur is long and thick being brown and reddish in color with yellow spots on its face.
  2. Koalas are marsupials that live in forests in Australia, they usually weigh between 10 and 30 pounds, many know them as bears but do not belong to this species and this confusion is because of their appearance, they are covered with hair and have nails on their fingers and opposite thumbs, they also have a kind of pad on the toes that allow them to cling to the trunks of the trees and climb, they are also known to be animals that do not do much in their time since they can sleep up to 18 hours a day and can eat for 5 hours.
  3. The dog is a four-legged canine animal. It belongs to the group of mammals. They are recognized for being man’s best friend and have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Most dogs have furry bodies, however, there are some that do not have fur.
  4. My sister’s cat is white and yellow in color, has pointed ears, and is about fifty centimeters tall.
  5. The lion is an animal with a large mane. It belongs to the feline family and has four legs and a very long tail.
  6. Penguins are animals that live in very cold areas. They are black and white and despite belonging to the family of birds, these are not considered flying animals. They feed on herring, sardines, crustaceans and squid, consuming an average of half a kilo per day. They are not considered aggressive animals and can emit up to three different types of sounds.
  7. Fertilization programs in amphibians for controlled reproduction. This is based on the production of a certain number of females and males for the preservation of the species.
  8. The cow is a herbivorous mammal. The male of this species is called a bull. Its main purpose is the production of meat, milk and other derivatives thereof. The head is thick and with two hollow horns or antlers on each side of the skull. They have a short, broad neck and a dewlap that hangs below the chest. Its tail or tail is long and with a tuft of long hairs at its end; The back is straight, with the loin slightly arched. Females have a large udder under the belly in the hindquarters, with four nipples.
  9. Horses are considered large animals, about one and a half meters tall.
    Their legs end in a single finger and they have a nail that bears the name “case.” The head is characterized by being elongated, the ears small, added to a long tail and the mane that they have on the neck. If a horse, for example, falls or runs over a person, it is very likely to cause severe physical damage.
  10. Parrots are flying animals, with beaks and wings. They are generally green in color and basically feed on seeds. They have a robust beak with an opening at the bottom. These types of animals do not generate salivation

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