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Examples of Zoology


Zoology is a branch of biology that specializes in the study of animal life in all aspects, the term comes from the Greek zoo which is “animal” and logos “science” so it is understood that this science is responsible for work directly with all the elements related to animals such as the physiognomy, anatomy, functioning of the various organisms and also the behavior of the different species that exist in the world.

This specialty also covers the habitat and the reaction of different animal species in their environment, on the other hand, zoology for a deeper study of animal life also classifies living beings into groups and for this, factors such as anatomy are taken into account. , feeding, behaviors and other inherent aspects of all animal species. Zoology is classified into several branches:

  • Zoogeography: as its name suggests, it is responsible for the study of animals according to their location on the planet.
  • Paleontology: it is the study of prehistoric and currently extinct animals, for this, fossil remains and any element that serves to analyze their existence is used.
  • Zoological anatomy: is responsible for the analysis of the different parts of the body.
  • Histology: is the study of the tissues of each animal.
  • The etiology: It is the analysis of the behavior of animal species on the planet.

Examples of zoology

  1. Ornithology. (study of birds)
  2. Entomology. (study of insects)
  3. Ichthyology. (study of fish)
  4. Arachnology. (study of spiders)
  5. vet
  6. Animal anatomy
  7. Marine biology
  8. Bacteriology
  9. Parasitologist
  10. Hethiology

What is zoology in charge of?

It is responsible for carrying out the study of animals from various angled types of view, such as evaluations of morphological descriptions, describing and finalizing animal behavior, within its habitat or outside it, as well as its distribution in various spaces on the planet.

Thanks to its great diversity of study, we can say that zoology is divided into two large groups, namely:

  • general zoology: is responsible for the study of the most generic and common aspects in animals.
  • Descriptive zoology: it is responsible for the study from the taxonomic point of view of each animal, its distribution in the various species as well as the descriptions of the groups.

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