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Fake Game Collection APK Download for Android Latest Version

Fake Game Collection Apk

Fake Game Collection APK v2.0.17

Fake Game Collection Apk Additional Information

  • Name: IQ Option X
  • Category: Games,
  • Latest Version: v2.0.17
  • Package Name: com.mahesa.app.fakegamecollection
  • Updated on: Nov 12, 2020
  • Requirements: Android 4.0+
  • Developed By: BimaDev Studio
  • File Size: 7.9 MB

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Fake Game Collection Apk: A lot of people like to play games on their mobile devices and it can be a fun way to pass the time. However, some people don’t want all that data or would rather not pay for those games. That’s where Fake Game Collection Apk comes in handy!

It’s an app that gives you access to many different free games without having to download any files onto your phone.

All you need is an internet connection and there are no ads or unwanted notifications so it won’t interrupt your gameplay experience. Fake Game Collection APK is an Android application developed by a developer called Bimadev Studio.

The latest collection of fake games 2020 is the top-rated app for your girlfriends and friends. In fact, you can see a fake menu in the Android menu, even if everything is fake.

Fake Game Collection app screenshot

The purpose of this app is to show your android friends a lot of games if they have them. The game you are watching is exactly what you want, it’s just a fake to show. But if you really want to install it, you need to install it.

In short, this app helps you to show fake games that you can show to show your game, your friends and on average many people use this app. What are you curious about? Download now for free !!

More About Fake Game Collection APK

It’s all about pranking players with dozens of apps. Fake Game Collection is a great way to collect more fake games on your Android device.

The game starts with a fairly large and simple game that is viral, like the worm zones below. Use the fake app launcher to install all games on your phone screen.

This collection of fake games was first released in 2018 by developer Bimdev Studios. Many people use this application to chat with friends and see many applications on Android. However, please note that due to this forgery, you have not opened the link to the application. If it’s just a fake trick, you will surely understand it.

People who are very happy use this app to fool the player’s friends. I have included a download link for this app at the end of the session, but first, you need to understand the features of this game first.

How To Use Fake Game Collection?

To use this program, you can first open it. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Follow the steps below to perform the steps by yourself.

  • An open APK collection of fake games.
  • Then click the on/off button to display the game icon in the main menu.
  • Wait for 10 to 20 seconds after the program icon appears.
  • Then look for the game icon in the Android main menu.
  • done.


So this is the ultimate fake game storage app for android with 512MB RAM. With this app, it is so light and easy to use that you don’t have to worry about emptying your Android phone.

That’s all from me, do your best, I hope you enjoy and play with satisfaction. You can learn more about the world of sports with updates. Of course, this information is as provocative as this discussion. Thank you for reading this article and reading it in other sports reports.

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