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Family tree example

A genealogical tree constitutes an organized scheme that presents the relationship or kinship that exists between the different members of the family, including from the oldest to the newest members.

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family tree can be structured according to our interests, however, it is usual to find examples of the diagrams in a descending way, starting with the great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents and the generations that continue.

genealogical tree must be structured in a simple way, intertwining the nexus that exists between each of the family members, without generating any kind of confusion or complication when reading it, since as its name indicates, the The design must be designed in the shape of a tree and the members of the family must simulate the leaves of the tree in the shape of a fall.

2 Example of a family tree

  1. Great-grandfather great-grandmother


Mom Dad


  1. Grandfather Grandmother

Uncle Mom Aunt

Cousin I Cousin.

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