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Field Research Examples

Field research is a type of research that consists of researchers going to the area of ​​the problem or question or question to make observations trying to avoid interacting with the environment of said problem in order to obtain more real and faithful results .

You can have more than one researcher observing the same phenomenon at the same time, in order to have several guesses and try to reach a general conclusion .

Field research seeks to find answers to questions that are not recreated in a controlled environment such as a laboratory, either because of their size or because the factors and variables are altered, reacting differently.

For example, an animal in captivity hardly behaves like in wild life if it is taken out of its habitat and put in a cage to study it, or the fact of observing animals noticing our presence will scare them or make them act differently.

Another example would be to study the stars , in ancient times to study them it was enough to just sit under the night sky, study how the stars moved and write down the results to get predictions and guesses.

Field research examples

  1. Study the weather to make predictions.
  2. Observe animals in their natural habitat to determine their behaviors.
  3. Study the stars.
  4. Observe the behavior of human populations.
  5. Study physical and natural phenomena.
  6. Observe how an object behaves without human intervention.
  7. The growth of plants in their environment .

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