The word halo has several meanings depending on the context inwhich it is used. Its etymological origin comes from the Latin “halos” and the Greek ” αλως ” (halōs).

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In addition to the examples that you will see below, the term has also been used to name different songs by artists and bands such as Beyoncé, Machine Head, Depeche Mode, among others.

Halo Examples

Next, you will see what are the different meanings that the term Halo can have in different areas, it can even have different uses within the same branch of knowledge or area.

In science

A halo is a meteorological phenomenon that consists of the formation of a disk around the Sun or the Moon. Rainbow colors can be reflected on the outer circumference of the ring.

The halo is produced when ice particles that are suspended in the troposphere refract light, generating a circular spectrum of colors around the Moon or the Sun.

On the other hand, there is the galactic halo , which is a mass made up of gas and stars that is found around a spiral galaxy.

In religion

When the sacred images have a luminous ring or halo over their entire anatomy or on their head, it is also called a halo.

In geography

Halo, is an ancient Greek city in the Thessaly region, but its exact location is unknown. It is said that it could be a seaport that was located near the coast of the Gulf of Págasas. Possibly it was depopulated and later populated in the year 302 a. C.

In motorsport

In cars that have a single cabin, such as those of Formula 1, a halo is that system that protects the driver from blows after collisions or contact with blunt objects .

These are three flexible bars made of titanium and placed in front and on the driver’s head.

Since 2018, this system began to be implemented in all categories of single-seaters. The Mercedes team created the halo and it was approved by the International Automobile Federation.

In videogames

Halo is a series of video games developed by Bungie Studios, 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios in 2001. Currently, it has many other developers, in total there would be about 13 companies creating versions of this video game. The game is of the shooters type and is considered one of the best.

In the militia

HALO, a type of parachute jump, practiced by the armed forces to carry personnel from one place to another.

The type of jump consists of experiencing free fall from an airplane at least 8000 meters above sea level and opening the parachute at a low altitude, that is, relatively close to the ground.

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