Hard Drive Examples

hard disk, or also known as  a “C” or “D” drive , allows us to have our computer installed from the boot operating system , as well as to store all the information we need to have on our computer . There are different options for this unit and that is why we have decided to talk about the  Hard Drive examples so that you can better familiarize yourself with the type of drive that your computer has and even with the most suitable disk that you buy for your computer.

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Examples of Internal Hard Drive

We find many options of  hard disk sizes , being one of the most important things, since not all computers, laptops or mininotebooks have a specific size for the disk drive. Their sizes can currently be  3.5 inches, 1.8 inches, and 0.8 inches. These are generally the ones that are used, also at the time the first disc had a size of  8 inches.

In itself, what we must take into account are the  type of connections of a hard disk , which makes us find 4 types of formats that are:  SATA, SAS, IDE and  SCSI .

The storage size can vary from the simplest 40GB to those larger than 1TB.

Examples of External Hard Drive

The  external hard drives have become popular because they are a way to get store data and take it anywhere. Generally its connection is via USB or those that are connected via external SATA. The most commonly used types of external hard drive are SATA and SCSI connection  .

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