Hardware examples.


It is all that component of an electronic system that is tangible , that is, that can be touched. The hardware acts as an interface between the user and the software , that is, the part that allows a person to interact with the virtual world as well as it is in charge of performing certain specific functions such as saving information, reading and printing information, performing mathematical calculations, etc…

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The term hardware is the one adopted to refer to this system, both in Spanish and in English and is defined in any language as the set of components that make up the physical or material part of a computer or computerized equipment.

The hardware is made up of electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical circuits depending on their purpose; in simpler words they can have movement or not, for example the CD player, hard disk or without movement like the processor and the screen.

Hardware can be classified into two , namely:

  • Input devices: That is, hardware that can be used to input information to the computer and
  • Output devices: Which are used to display information such as the screen, speakers, printers, etc … It can also be classified as fundamental and not fundamental, that is, if it is necessary for the basic operation of a computer.

In general, hardware is dedicated to controlling the functions of the computer or computerized equipment through external devices that are responsible for:

  • Processing: through the central processing unit.
  • storage: through memories.
  • inputs: through the input peripherals.
  • outputs: through the output peripherals.
  • input and output: through mixed peripherals.

Hardware examples

  1. keyboard
  2. mouse
  3. monitor
  4. Motherboard
  5. processor
  6. RAM memories
  7. webcam
  8. joystick
  9.  printer
  10. external hard drive
  11. sound card
  12. memory
  13. fan
  14. projector
  15. optical pencil
  16. projector
  17. talking
  18. joystick for game
  19. HDD
  20. network card

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