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Talking about  web hosting is one of the most important things in recent years. Having one or more websites is important to present your product on the internet or to make yourself known. Many options have arrived for you to familiarize yourself with a website and of course it is necessary to have a host service. So if you are thinking of hiring these services, we want you to know these  hosting examples and decide which is the best option for you.

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Examples of Web Hosting

A  hosting service is a platform that allows you to set up a VPS website There are different options, but this type of service can be paid or free.

Free web hosting: There are many free web  hosting sites that have come to familiarize you with the use of this type of hosting. Some have or without advertising , in addition to offering you a subdomain or the possibility of having yourown domain .

VPS: It is one of the most used by people who have many websites or who have thousands of visits a day. It distributes the ram memory in different folders and makes the operation of each site, is in optimal performance.

Dedicated servers:  Large companies usually hire this service, as it is an exclusive package for you, where only you are using all the resources that each server offers you. One of the main advantages is that this server is customized to your liking, as it is something exclusive for you.

Shared server:  Each of its resources are divided into folders, generally, there are different websites within this class of services.

Cloud hosting:  A new service that has become fashionable, is like having your website in the cloud and using the necessary resources. In general, they charge you for the consumption that you usually need.

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