HTML comment examples

When programming, it is always advisable to make annotations or comments so that in the future, if we must modify the code, we know what each function or part of the program does. Comments in HTML are essential and not only if someone else is going to review our code. Believe me that the code you write today, in a few weeks you will not remember anything you did and it will take you some time to understand it again, except if you commented on your own code.

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It is worth mentioning that the HTML codes will only be visible at the code level, that is, if we inspect the source code but they will not be seen if we visit the web through the browser. To comment, all you have to do is use so-called comment tags.

<! – Example of a simple HTML comment ->

Basically, everything you include between <! – and -> will be commented out and will not be visible to the user.

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