What does it mean that someone is idle?

This term is closely linked to a negative connotation. It is defined as idle to one individual who does not take his time in fruitful activities or profitable. On the contrary, he is known for being an unemployed, inactive and useless person who does not acquire responsibilities or obligations. In some cultures it has a meaning associated with dishonesty, deception and lies. On the other hand, in countries like Cuba and Nicaragua, idle is understood as a plot of land that has not been cultivated.

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Now, an idle person can be described with words like: lazy, unemployed, unemployed, fruitless, lazy and lazy. In general, the term is used in a derogatory way, because there is no logic or sense in wasting time in such a way. An idle individual is inactive, uses his time in vain or empty activities, not profitable. In ancient times a person who was dedicated to philosophizing about life was called idle, these individuals were in Greece.

On the other hand, the concept of idle as it is known today is said to have been misrepresented and misinterpreted. As said before, in ancient Greece it was the time spent in philosophizing about life, although it was also a space of freedom. An idle known as an individual who invested their time in activities of their personal satisfaction that you made them feel free . The change of concept and negative connotation on the idle was given when the idea arose and definition of work. Well, this, substitutes and demands, the more time is dedicated to it, the more fruitful it will be.

Idle according to context

  • Idle time: This is the name given to the salary paid to employees who have not done any work. Usually this occurs when the company has not assigned work to the employee and is paying for their time or attendance.
  • Idle in the bible: According to the Christian bible, an idle person represents laziness. It occupies a place contrary to diligence and prosperity is not found in leisure .
  • Idle Capital: In economics idle capital is called investment and money that is not generating fruits or profits. It does not move, it does not multiply and it does not benefit in any way.

Examples of idle

  • An individual who spends his time playing video games.
  • A young man who spends his entire weekend watching a series.
  • A group of girls who walk in a shopping center for an entire afternoon.
  • A young woman who spends her Monday afternoon at the movies.
  • teenager who uses all his afternoons to watch videos on YouTube.
  • A person who uses all his free time to check his social networks.

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