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What do you mean hopefully?

The term ‘Hopefully’ is defined as the expectation or longing for a situation to present itself according to and as desired. Its origin comes from Arabic, it is said that the word was taken from the scriptures of the Islamic religion , specifically from chapter eighteen of the Koran. His translation of this language “In šã ‘Allãh” into Spanish means “if God wants” or “if it is the will of God.” In this sense, this term is used as an expression to ask for God’s blessing and favor in an event expected in the future.

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Now, at present, this term is used and employed in different languages. It ranges from English, Portuguese, and French to German, Malay, Persian, and Turkish. In all these languages ​​it has the same meaning and the same Arabic origin. History dates back to the arrival of this culture to the Iberian Peninsula in a conquest from North Africa. It was of great influence and impregnated the settlers of Al-Andalus in every sense and especially from the language. It is at this time that Arabic words such as hopefully are adopted from Christian culture.

This is how the term was transmitted until it reached Western culture and the whole world. In the case of Portuguese and Galician it is written as Oxalá. Likewise, another expression similar to this one was adopted as “God willing.” The funny thing about these is that they make direct reference to Allah, Islamic God, despite being used by other cultures and religions. On the other hand, the term was also used to name in Spain a restaurant and a fashion brand run by Paloma del Pozo.

The term present in music

  • Silvio Rodríguez: He is a Cuban-born composer and singer-songwriter recognized for his new trova style. In 1978 Silvio Rodríguez released along with his album “At the end of this trip”, a love song entitled “Ojalá”. This is currently considered one of the most popular and recognized themes of the artist.
  • Rosa López: She is known as the rose of Spain, this artist is identified by her pop style music and ballads. In 2004 she released an album entitled “Ojalá” that was composed from Christmas themes, being the third released by the artist.
  • Juan Luis Guerra: This Dominican singer and songwriter released in 1989 an album entitled “Ojalá que llueva Café”, which has a song titled in the same way.

Examples of the use of the term hopefully

  • Hopefully tomorrow it won’t rain and it will be a sunny day so I can go to the park.
  • Hopefully everything goes well at the staff meeting.
  • Tomorrow they announce the promotion, hopefully and give it to Monica, she deserves it.
  • Hopefully Elena can recover soon to go back to her piano lessons.
  • I hope you do well on the exam, I know you studied a lot.
  • I really like Rome, hopefully we can go on the next vacation.
  • Hopefully Vanesa apologizes to Marco and they can make the passes.

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