Java script Examples

JavaScript known by its acronym JS is a programming language implemented in modern browsers that present their content in a dynamic and creative way.

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JavaScript is a code design that allows us to deliver modern content to browsers through your web pages. Using JavaScript codes we can control any multimedia file on our web portal, create moving images, include advertising, welcome messages, graphics and much more.

</HTML> The dialect used by the JavaScript programming language is structured as follows:


<TITLE> Page1.htm </TITLE>

</ script LANGUAGE = ”JavaScript”>

// Show a welcome message





12 Java script Examples

  1. Calendar that indicates the days and the month in real time.
  2. Analog clock on the main screen.
  3. Zoom the page.
  4. Welcome messages or of any kind.
  5. Advertising (videos, sound).
  6. Option to print from page.
  7. Calculator.
  8. Rotation, movement or rotation of the texts on the screen.
  9. Shopping cart.
  10. Text that follows the moving pointer.
  11. Games when the page is loading or has been disconnected to the internet.
  12. Message belt (messages in motion).

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