Keylogger examples

A keylogger is a software whose function is to record data related to actions carried out on the computer, they are generally used for malicious purposes to obtain personal data of users such as names, bank account numbers , passwords and all the information that is type on the keyboard, these programs can even work on actions carried out on the Internet or outside.

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A keylogger can function as a device which fulfills the same function of recording information based on all the keystrokes made on the keyboard, on the other hand they can also have a positive use since they allow monitoring the actions carried out by a group of users such as Although they are mostly known for their negative use by representing a threat that can violate the privacy of users, many cyber criminals make use of these applications to obtain data that is later used to violate personal accounts.

This Software is considered as Malware , generally the information is stored locally in the memory of the affected computer and in more serious cases the attacking user who controls the application can access the computer and can save the information on another computer. These programs usually infect other computers in the same way as any other computer virus, by entering websitesinfected, using infected USB devices or sending emails with infected files, when a computer is infected the user does not realize that the information entered through the keyboard is being monitored by this application, there are keyloggers with Software and keyloggers with Hardware . The majority of current antivirus programs include these programs and their updates in their database. There are special programs to detect and eliminate this type of malicious software, often in real time.

Keylogger examples:

  1. Symple Python Keylogger: Software developed in Python for Windows platforms.
  2. ZedLog: Malicious program for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.
  3. Smart Keylogger in Python: Developed in Python using pyHook module for Windows operating systems.
  4. Simple Perl Keylogger: Developed for Windows and developed in Perl.

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