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Animals that hatch from the egg with examples and list

Oviparous animals are those that produce eggs, allowing embryos to develop within them. The word oviparous comes from the Latin – ovum (egg) pariré (give birth)  . On this occasion you will be able to know the different examples of animals that hatch from the egg .

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We have seen that birds usually make their nests to take care of their eggs, but these are not the only animals that hatch from the egg, but there are also amphibians, crustaceans, insects, mammals , mollusks, fish and reptiles that hatch in this way.

A curious fact is that for scientists, oviparous animals have a reproductive strategy that is more developed than that of viviparous animals.

Fertilization process of oviparous

An interesting fact about the animals that hatch from the egg is their fertilization process. This can be in two ways: internal or external.

  • Internal fertilization process

It is the best known way to fertilize an oviparous animal. It begins with the copulation between the male and the female . Subsequently, the female lays the egg and the process ends with the breaking of the shell that covers the egg, also called hatching, which is the moment when the baby hatches.

  • External fertilization process

This interesting process begins when the female releases the eggs (they have not been fertilized yet) in an aqueous medium. Subsequently, the role of the male is to spread his sperm over the eggs released by the female and, in this way, fertilize them.

In this case, the process also ends with hatching outside the mother’s womb, where the baby hatches and knows the external environment.

Care before hatching from the egg

To protect the eggs , the animals have to develop a series of strategies so that other predators do not reach them. In the case of birds, it is known that their eggs are placed inside nests built in trees, mostly, although they have also been seen on the ground and on rocks, according to the environment in which they live.

Also some fish have developed the cunning of laying their eggs among corals, to avoid being hit by predators; while turtles and reptiles bury them in the sand.

Examples of animals that hatch from the egg

You may be surprised to see ferocious animals such as the crocodile on this list, which is indeed one of the animals that hatch from the egg. Furthermore, in the world it is well known that mammals are viviparous animals , but we bring up two special and unique cases of oviparous mammals.

Mainly we are going to detail the qualities of 7 of them and then we will point out a list of examples of animals that hatch from the egg.

  1. Bee

This insect is known to be one of the most systematic that exist in terms of controlling its eggs. After fertilization, the female stores the sperm as part of her organization and each egg she lays is deposited in a cell that has previously been filled with pollen and nectar.

In some cases the eggs of the bees are deposited in a space shared with other females. Their automated system allows them to collaborate dynamically during the moment of the hatchling. So when hatching occurs, female bees, regardless of whether it belongs to her or not, are in charge of feeding the young.

  1. White stork

These beautiful birds locate their nests on the highest part of the trees, which can last for several seasons, as they are made of sticks and branches. They breed next to swamps or near wetlands in agricultural areas. Their nests have also been seen on elevated artificial surfaces, such as buildings.

Each year the white stork can lay four eggs and then have an incubation of one month.

  1. Alligator

This curious reptile that is born from an egg has a very peculiar way of knowing the sex of its young before they are born. In the first place, the way it takes care of its eggs is by depositing them, after opening holes, in the sand or by building their nests in the vegetation .

Before hatching, this large reptile can tell what the sex of its young is according to the temperature of incubation. If the offspring are female, the temperature will be around 30 ° C. But in case the temperature is above 30 ° C, the offspring will probably be males.

  1. Sparrow

The sparrow is a bird that works as a team with its partner during the incubation of the eggs, so they take turns for ten days to incubate them, until the chicks are born. They are known birds, because they usually live among other people, since they frequent urban places.

In one season it can lay up to five eggs, but they can have up to four clutches and twenty chicks in total.

  1. Ant

This incredible insect is well known for its tireless work and work, prior to the winter season. The way they are born is through eggs and their birth is fascinating, because the sex will be according to fertilization.

These cold-blooded oviparous animals can decide the sex of the young. If they fertilize the eggs, they will have female offspring. On the other hand, by not fertilizing them, they will have male offspring. Once they hatch, they are larvae that receive their food and are cared for by worker ants.

  1. Platypus and Echidna

The platypus and the echidna are the only mammals in the world, until now known, that hatch from the egg. In all senses, these animals present many curiosities within the animal world, such as their physical appearance.

  • Platypus: This poisonous mammal is often compared to otters, although it has a beaver tail, but also duck legs and bill. It is a true rarity that attracts many humans and usually lays two eggs, but in some cases they have laid only one or three eggs.
  • Echidna: It is another rarity in the animal world and has the appearance of a hedgehog. In this case, this mammal only lays a single egg.

List of animals that hatch from eggs

In the world there are a number of birds and fish that are oviparous, and another, even more extensive, of insects that hatch from eggs. However, we are going to show you more than forty examples of these animals, in their different species.


  1. Frogs
  2. Salamanders
  3. Toads


  1. Eagles
  2. Ostriches
  3. Storks
  4. Hummingbirds
  5. Quail
  6. Chickens
  7. Geese
  8. Sparrows
  9. Macaws
  10. Parrots
  11. Pigeons
  12. Ducks
  13. Penguins


  1. Bees
  2. Spiders
  3. Beetles
  4. Ants
  5. Butterflies
  6. Flies
  7. Mosquitoes


  1. Echidnas
  2. Platypus


  1. Crabs
  2. Snails
  3. Octopus


  1. Tuna.
  2. Anchovies
  3. Eels
  4. Sword fish.
  5. Cat fish.
  6. Piranhas
  7. Salmon
  8. Sardines


  1. Chameleons
  2. Crocodiles
  3. Coralillos
  4. Komodo dragons
  5. Iguanas
  6. Lizards
  7. Turtles
  8. Snakes

The list is longer and although each one is different, they all have something in common: they are animals that hatch from the egg. So you do not have to see the species to know if it is an oviparous animal , but nature has created them in a different way than each of them. In fact, their fertilization is not similar either, as we see the rare case of the ant.

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