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Mediatek Easy Root APK

MediaTek Easy Root APKMediaTek Easy Root APK is the latest Android Internet routing app. Renowned Taiwanese application developer Jiov Sant Na Santos is the owner of this manufacturer’s Android routing application. Android devices running Android 5 or later can be rooted seamlessly using MediaTek Easy Root APK. The Android Marshmallow version installed on your Android device can also be started safely using this app.

“Do you have the original?”

There is a very simple app that checks root access on your Android device. If root access is not available, the app will automatically search how to transfer a specific device. However, if the device has root access, you will receive confirmation in the form of a small pop-up message.

Tried to flash SuperSu during recovery but don’t know if it’s set up correctly?

Or have you used the one-click path method with a simple route and don’t know if it really works?

Or are you just bringing in a new ROM and you don’t know if root access is built-in?

This app is for you!

Download “MediaTek EasyRoot Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets to root your Android smartphone with one click and use it according to your requirements.

This is an Android app developed by Jeovane Santos for Android users all over the world who want to control their smartphones according to their needs. This app will help you with that. It’s actually a rooting app that helps you root your smartphone with just one click.

Now a day, everyone wants to root their smartphones, so they are looking for a rooting app on the internet. There are several different rooted applications on the Internet, most of which are scams and some have to pay a certain amount. These are paid apps only. For users who want to root their mobile devices, there is an app called MediaTek Easy Root Download. It is currently a famous day among Android users.


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Additional Information about App

Name MediaTek Easy Root APK
Version V1.1.3(5)
Size 1.95 MB
Developer Jeovane Santos
Package Name juniojsv.mtk.easy.su
Operating System Android 5.0+
Price Free

What is MediaTek Easy Root APK

If root access is not available, the app will automatically search how to transfer a specific device. However, if the device has root access, you will receive confirmation in the form of a small pop-up message. The app set up unbootable root access on Android Media Scake devices using Magic and Musk-us.

Did you try to make your supersu shine with recovery but it didn’t set up correctly?

Or have you used the one-click route method with a simple route but it doesn’t really work?

Or are you just creating a new ROM and you don’t know if a root is being built? This app is you!

Everyone wants to root their device and use different hacking tools and apps to hack into different games. If you don’t root your device, you won’t be able to use jailbreak apps and tools.

To use jailbreak apps and tools, you basically need to root your device. Rooting your device is a bit dangerous. This could damage your cell phone and, if it has a warranty, it will be void if you destroy the device. Therefore, always think carefully before rooting your device.

The app I’m talking about here is also a root app that allows you to root your device with just one click. However, this app is only valid on selected mobile phones.

Does not work on all Android smartphones and tablets. Compatible with MediaTek technology devices only. Otherwise, it will not work on devices with other technologies.

When you root your smartphone, your custom settings allow you to use settings that were previously blocked by the smartphone developer. Just root your device to access all settings and other features on your smartphone or tablet.

The smartphone now works with commands, making it easier to install apps and games that aren’t allowed unless the device has root access.

As mentioned above, the use of such devices is illegal, jeopardizes your mobile phone warranty, and is also dangerous for your smartphone. Before performing these tasks, obtain complete information about the application, how to download it, and how to use it.

There are lots of YouTube videos about rooted apps, so watch them before doing something this dangerous. Also, people have comments that they are already using these types of apps on their smartphones.

Features of MediaTek Easy Root APK

  • Application permission will be prompted to notify you when you request access.
  • Google now offers intelligent support services.
  • Fingerprint support has also been improved with Android Marshmallow.
  • The application link or objective allows you to select a standard application to perform the action.
  • Dosage resists the operation of standby mode and Android Marshmallow device to put the device in sleep mode.
  • Automatic backup and restore are also available with the installed Android Marshmallow version.

How to download and use MediaTek Easy Root on Android Devices?

If you want to root your device to access all settings and other features that are not allowed by the developer, please use the direct download link at the end of the article to make this one-click root app on our website. local. Install it on your smartphone.

When installing this new root app, you need to allow all permissions and enable unknown sources in your security settings. After installing the app, start rooting your device and easily download all previously banned apps.

Meditech Easy Root Notes

To manage root access for each application, you need to download Magisk Manager (v7.1.1).

The Play Store has not flagged the app as malicious for any reason before installing the app to ensure that Google Play Protect has been disabled in the past few weeks.

To verify that you have root access, check that the value returned by the log is 0. This is because it is running and has root access.

Which Android devices are Compatible with MTK Easy Su Root Apk?

This application is compatible with the following devices.

  • LG K10
  • Motorola Moto C
  • LG K10 Power
  • Motorola Moto E4
  • LG K10 TV
  • Alcatel 1
  • LG K4
  • Alcatel A3 LX
  • Nook Tablet 10.1
  • ZTE Blade A7 Prime


MediaTek Easy Root for Android is an Android application specially designed for users who want to root their mobile phones and access all settings and functions not authorized by the developer.

If you are one of them, download this app and enjoy all the functions that are at your fingertips. Share your experience with family and friends.

If you like this app, please rate this article and share it on various social networks to make it available to more people. If you want to update the latest versions of third-party apps and games, subscribe to this page. Please use a valid email address.

MediaTek Easy Root APK works with Android OS to remove Android root. Following the free software license, you can easily download it from the download link below.

Our team researched viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, and vice versa using Mediterranean Easy Root and found it to be 100% clean. If it stays clean, repeat Mediterranean EasyRoute on updates to be sure.

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