Example of Mission, Vision and Values

We explain mission vision values examples. The mission, vision and values are a series of parameters that distinguish companies, these become their slogans that range from employees to the very purpose of the company .

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It is very important that the mission, vision and values ​​are applied in the company, both in the very purpose of the company and its clients as well as in the employees, who will precisely reflect the mission, vision and values ​​of the company in addition to which will also reflect on them.

Finally, the mission, vision and values ​​are expressed through open access exhibitions such as brochures and currently on company pages.

What expresses the mission, vision and values ​​of a company?

  • The essential point that forms the company.
  • The main objective of the company.
  • The values ​​that the company integrates.

Example of mission, vision and values ​​of a lighting company:

Our mission, vision and our values

Our mission:

The mission of Luminarias impala SA de CV, is to illuminate the homes and work centers of our clients, sufficiently, economically and with products of the highest quality, adjusted to ecological parameters and always for the benefit of lower consumption and greater end-user service.

We are sure that as a company, impala luminaires, will be able to give customers a lighting service that meets their needs and that performs ecologically and economically, in addition to the fact that our products have a guaranteed duration.

Our vision

The vision of impala luminaires is that technology reaches all customers, adjusting our products to technological advances and taking care of our customers’ pockets and at the same time ecology, by producing low-consumption and long-lasting luminaires.

In our vision, we also have to adapt the style and decoration to ecological lighting, which will reduce the lighting requirements within the rooms as much as possible.

Our values

At “Luminarias Impala SA de CV” we value people and employees, we have priority in caring for the rights of employees, their families, we seek the best benefits for customers and we ensure the value of the planet, using products that do not produce damage in its use and manufacture to the planet, we mainly seek an ecological and real conscience, using technology for the benefit of society and the planet itself.

Example of mission, vision and values ​​of a pharmacy:

Mission, vision and values ​​of
The mission:

Farmacias Gutiérrez has the mission of bringing the essential medicines for the treatment and control of diseases to all the public that requires them, our pharmacies have partnered with the main pharmaceutical companies, who keep us in full supply of medicines and have allowed us the service of medicines on request in less than 24 hours.

Medicines are always of the highest quality, bringing them closer to customers at the right price and always within the reach of the end user.

The vision:

The vision of Gutiérrez pharmacies is to bring medicines to patients and contribute to a society free of chronic diseases, helping to control systemic and chronic diseases with the best quality.

We intend to bring health closer to the sick, that is why small branches are opened in places where large houses cannot reach, thus we leave the compounds they need at the hand of patients.

The values

Among the values ​​that we handle, there is that of the staff, who, while being inclusive and prepared, is in full service so that there is no confusion with the medications as well as being prepared to handle controlled products.

Employees have a social preparation, which achieves a more humane and dignified care for clients and patients.

Another indispensable value is the care and support of our workers, who have all the services of the law and at the same time an opportunity for growth and educational updating, business career training and the right to their accents.

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