Nanotechnology examples


It is a type of technology that focuses on the study and development of tools at a nanometric scale. A nanometer is the equivalent of one billionth of a meter.

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This science is applied in fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine just to name a few. The different systems developed in this type of technology are aimed at solving many problems such as medical problems, creation and manufacture of products, among others.

In the field of medicine, nanotechnology has allowed the development of tools to improve the treatment of diseases as well as their prevention , nanometric-scale robots have allowed the entry of these devices to different parts of the human body in order to perform different tasks that otherwise would be impossible to do.

In the industrial sector, this technology is applied in three well-defined areas: nanomaterials, nano-intermediates and nano-products.

Nanotechnology examples

  1. Agricultural production.
  2. Detection and control of pests.
  3. Food processing .
  4. Medicine and pharmacology.
  5. Control of health .
  6. Molecular thermal changes (nanothermology).
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  8. Sensors for the production of pharmaceutical and chemical products.
  9. Improved photovoltaic techniques for implementation as a renewable energy source.
  10. Manufacture of lighter and more resistant materials.
  11. Food wraps that allow food to stay fresh for much longer
  12. Manufacture of lighter, firmer and more flexible screens.
  13. Elaboration of micro nano chis.
  14. Creams made with nanoparticles that absorb UV rays
  15. Scratch resistant lens or screen mounts.
  16. 3D printing
  17. Printer Creation
  18. Updated versions of mobile devices
  19. Electronic household appliances
  20. Application in military studies and research for improvements.

Benefits and advantages of nanotechnology

  • In the health 

Thanks to the development of this science, knowledge in the medical area has been further expanded, developing optimal and effective tools to fight cancer, make bandages that prevent infections, technological improvement for the visualization of images, among many other things.

  • Electronics devices

All devices created or manufactured today, such as chips or various current devices, have been created with nanotechnology.

  • Sport teams 

Elements used in various sports areas such as helmets, bats, rackets, made with plastic materials, manage to be much lighter thanks to nanotechnology.

  • Fabrics

In order to allow the fabrics to be more resistant, not stain or wrinkle or bacteria proliferate in them, nanotechnology is applied.

  • Household products

At the same time, products such as sealants, stain removers, paints, antibacterial, purifiers, among others, have been created with the implementation of nanotechnology, thus allowing the products to be improved.

  • Films

The films used in the manufacture of lenses, on the computer screen and other surfaces, are created thanks to the intervention of nanotechnology and in this way it allows to improve the waterproofing capacity, protect the equipment against scratches, make it more resistant to infrared light, among others.

  • Energy innovation

This area has been greatly improved thanks to the intervention of nanotechnology and can be seen reflected through much more efficient solar panels, lightweight auto parts, improved fuels, among others.

  • Food packaging

Thanks to this technology, it is avoided that the products that are packaged are less prone to contamination, thus avoiding their deterioration and helping them to remain fresh for much longer.

  • Personal care products

Products such as cosmetics and sunscreens have evolved, improving their capacity for action and performance thanks to nanotechnology.

  • products  pharmaceutical

Many pharmaceutical products have been improved today thanks to reformulations made with nanoparticles.

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