Narcissistic is a word that refers to an attitude or mania chosen by people who appreciate themselves as beautiful, who take too much care of their physique or are in love with themselves. Therefore, narcissism is the enormous indulgence in the consideration of one’s own faculties.

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There are many characteristics that can perfectly demonstrate what the personality of a person with a narcissistic character is. However, among all of them it stands out that the individual who:

  • has a point of view that he considers irrefutable and true
  • has an insatiable need for flattery and admiration
  • he lives permanently worried about himself.

Likewise, this may be linked to narcissistic people staying in an environment where other people consider themselves inferior, due to certain circumstances, or because they demonstrate it out of pure interest. It is important to note that narcissists are full of their enormous ego and of becoming possessors of an absolute truth that they tend to consider in all kinds of reflection about their life in general and in particular.

The concept was taken into account by Sigmund Freud and encompasses a series of characteristics of the person related to vanity and ego. These properties in the narcissist can cause problems to function in society.

In the area of ​​evolutionary psychology, narcissism is considered a developmental stage , namely:

  • In the first months of life , the child tends to experience a primary narcissism, because all his energies are destined to satisfy his needs. The baby does not have the ability to recognize the outside world.
  • The next phase is secondary narcissism: the baby recognizes objects and understands that they can cause pleasure or pain.
  • In the adult stage:  the narcissistic person opts for a very vulnerable self-esteem since they do not accept criticism and feel harassed by negative comments regarding their person. It is necessary to highlight the fact that a disorder is generated starting from being a narcissistic being. Basically narcissistic personality disorder can arise, which is part of the group of emotional disorders.

The person who suffers from this disorder will feel identified by his  fantasies of success and power , needing all the time of admiration in an exaggerated way, lacking empathy , being a person full of envy, expressing himself before others with character superiority and consider that you are above the rest.


The causes of narcissistic personality disorder are not known exactly . in the same way, the development of personality and various mental personality disorders, the cause of this disorder is probably somewhat complex. Narcissistic personality disorder can be related to the following:

  • Neurobiology : the connection between the brain, behavior and thought.
  • Environment : negative reactions to parents and children, either due to excess admiration or excessive criticism that are not related to the child’s experience.
  • Genetics : it is inherited.

Risk factor’s

This disorder tends to affect men more than women and, in most cases, it appears in adolescence or early adulthood. Babies also present traits of narcissism, this can be typical of age, so it does not mean that they will suffer from narcissistic personality disorders.

The cause of the disorder is actually unknown, but some researchers believe that neglect or overprotective parenting may play a role in biologically vulnerable children . Similarly, neurobiology and genetics can intervene in the manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder.

Example of narcissistic attitudes

  1. When they believe they are superior to others.
  2. They act on their own ego.
  3. They always want to be the center of attention.
  4. They always seek to be charming, then end up being weighed down by their attitude.
  5. They are not very empathetic people.
  6. They are manipulators par excellence.
  7. They are people with very little patience to receive orders.
  8. They don’t like to be ignored.
  9. They are always envious of the progress of others.
  10. They are always aware of their own affairs, believing them more important than those of the rest of the world.
  11. They are vain.
  12. They do not like to receive neither orders nor criticism.
  13. They are always more and better than those around him so there is never anyone who is good enough like them.
  14. Their priority is always that the attention of others is focused exclusively on them.
  15. They always seek to discredit others in order to stand out.

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