Definition of Nemesis

Nemesis is a term that refers to the description of something that is the complete opposite of something or someone . In this sense, and to make it a bit more graphic, in the case of the films, when talking about the nemesis, they refer to someone who possesses negative qualities or attitudes, totally opposite to the hero of the same.

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One of the synonyms that can be used in the word nemesis is, enemy, that is, it is the complete opposite of a hero or a warrior. This enemy or nemesis usually appears in comics , generally in opposition to a hero or superhero. The enemies are usually strong characters , since they know how to deal with the hero because they know his weak points . However, on few occasions he fully defeats the hero of the story.

The concept of enemy is created from the search for revenge towards another person for some fact or envy. It is worth mentioning some examples, in the case of the Batman comic, “The Joker” would be his nemesis.

Initially the term nemesis is not considered as contained in the dictionary of the Royal Academy, but it is not an invented word. If one inquires into Greek mythology , it will not take long to discover that Nemesis is the name that identifies the goddess of revenge, fortune and retributive justice. He was in charge of applying a punishment to those who did not obey (for example, to children who did not respect the orders of their parents).

Origin of the term

The word nemesis that we use actually comes from the name of a Greek goddess whose function was to exercise justice and seek revenge on those men and women who did not deign to comply with what the gods designated or who did not obey in a general way (such as , for example, with children who did not obey their parents).

Since his main task was to punish mortals for their faults, that is why the term was associated with something negative and dark.

Although this goddess was not one of the most famous, it is true that she had her importance and in fact she herself considered herself superior to the other gods of Olympus and was not subject to their laws. In addition, they always represented her as very beautiful although with a gloomy appearance, representative of divine justice .

In Greek “nem” or “nom” (from which comes the root of the word nemesis) meant to assign or distribute. That is why the goddess was in charge of “distributing” divine justice equally among mortal men and women.

According to Hesiod, Nemesis would have been the daughter of Erebus and Nix (gods of darkness and night, respectively). In Roman mythology this goddess takes the name of Envy.

Many other ancient cultures, such as the Egyptian and the Persian, worshiped this goddess. Those who have represented her in art have assigned her a crown in her typical outfit, as well as a veil over her face. Other elements that accompany the image of the goddess are the wheel, a deer antler, a narcissus flower or an apple tree branch.

Examples of nemesis

  1. Superman’s nemesis is Lex Luthor.
  2. Batman’s nemesis is the joker.
  3. Spiderman’s nemesis is Venom.
  4. The nemesis of the avengers is Thanos.
  5. “The governor has decided to be the nemesis of the corrupt in the region”
  6. Always, all powerful will have or will find his nemesis.
  7. Your nemesis is right in front of you. The time to pay has come.

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