Nervous System Warnings and Alerts at Dangerous Situations

Danger Alert System in Human Body

There are various functions like Nervous System in our body. These are especially design to understand the circumstances automatically. Then, they reduce the intensity of danger.


For example, your heart is under some pressure or influence. The blood arteries are unable to pump the blood. Now, you feel pain in the chest. This pain is called “Angina”. This situation is not critical. This is only a sign that your heart is at its last peak point. If you are agree to remain safe from more danger, than you should compromise with your life style. You should really change your eating rules and exercises.

Danger alert system

Angina is definitely a sign for a disease in the body. There are furthermore examples in this case, like “Acidity”. Your stomach is unhappy from the quality or quantity of the food that you eat.

“Angina” is related to different diseases. However, there are many other signs, which tell you that your body needs some rest. If the disease is not serious than, all these signs are shown in series. You suddenly come to know that you are ill or have some cough and flu.

Danger Alert and Nervous System


Whenever your body feels weakness, your mind become uncool (feels boring). This is the right time to leave the work and take rest for some time. For example, you feel yourself lazy, weak or out of you routine.danger alert These all indicates that you keep yourself in a very hard life.

If you are puzzle or feel difficulty in doing a very little task, than it means that you spend a very busy life. You are working very, very hard working but you create difficulties for your own life. Your brain is tired and need some rest.

Many people think that these signs\alerts are due to extra work and stress. But they are unable to help themselves. Because, they also think that, if they leave their work, they become wicked or criminal.

Whenever “Charles Darwin” feels stress, he goes to sleep and take rest. “Florence, Martial Proust, Sigmund Fired. Isaac Newton and many others” also do so.

Victim of hard working are may be called “truly ill People”. Take care of yourself or thinking about yourself is the real name of “common sense”.

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