What is the newspaper?

A newspaper is defined as the media that is responsible for transmitting relevant information to the general public. It includes news, opinions and announcements, national, regional and local levels worldwide , this according to their level of importance. The term periodic indicates something that is presented constantly over time, its publication can appear daily, monthly or weekly. Currently, it is not only in print but also on digital platforms, this allows greater distribution and accessibility of information.

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In this sense, it should be mentioned that the newspaper is composed of articles associated with economics, politics , sports and entertainment. Generally it includes the news of the city or locality in which it is produced and published. However, when major events or events of a global nature occur, it is incorporated into the publication. Now, a journalist is called the individual who has the task of writing the columns or texts for the newspaper. These are assigned by specific areas according to their skills and abilities.

On the other hand, the term periodical refers to more than just the medium or format on which the information is expressed and distributed. This is also used to define, name and indicate the space in which the publication is edited and printed. In addition, it is there where the person in charge and responsible, the editor-in-chief, uses his task of selecting and discarding the news to be expressed. Another way in which the word “periodic” is used is to name an action or event that is repeated over time.

Work team in newspapers

  • Journalist: It can be defined as the fundamental pillar of the world of the press and newspaper. It is responsible for searching, investigating and collecting the information on which the editor will be based to write the articles. It is characterized by its professional ethics and honesty, does not share information unless it is verifiable.
  • Editor: Sometimes the journalist fulfills this same function, writes and writes the news that will be published in the newspaper. He is the one who assembles and structures the text under the guidelines required by the editor-in-chief. The latter decides whether or not the article goes in the publication.
  • Editor: His role is focused on correcting and supervising the work done by the entire journalistic team. It is in charge of guaranteeing quality information and writing , it works to maintain a good and responsible image of the publisher under which it is published.
  • Photographer: Captures and reflects through the image specific and referential details that accompany each article and writing of the newspaper.
  • Graphic Designer: Responsible for the structure and distribution of articles, images and advertisements on the newspaper. You have the task of organizing each element so that you can effectively and adequately communicate the information.
  • Printing: Once the articles, photographs , information and design have been approved , the printing company is in charge of printing the newspaper on paper.
  • Distributor: Their role is essential to get the printed publication to every corner of the city. It focuses on distribution to supplies, kiosks, stores and vendors, these will make the newspaper reach the entire public.
  • Salesperson: This individual interacts directly with the public. It is the medium and the channel through which the newspaper of the day, week or month is obtained.

Parts of the newspaper

  • Flat: This is the name of the page on which the articles, columns, photographs and advertisements are located.
  • Front page: As its name implies, it is the first page the reader comes across. In general, the most relevant information and news of the publication is located there.
  • Headline: Its function aims to capture the reader’s attention at first sight, in the headline there is an indication of the information written in the article.
  • News: It is considered the center of the newspaper, through the news the informative objective of the publication is fulfilled. It is distributed in the plans according to the theme they cover.
  • Column: Its function is oriented towards the structure under which the news is presented on each page, it meets aesthetic and technical objectives.
  • Header: It is where the information that identifies the newspaper is located, in the header is the name, logo and slogan. It’s on every page at the top.
  • Sections: These are the areas or divisions in which the information is located on the plans. Sections allow news and announcements to be distributed by topic or category.

Newspaper sections

  • Economy.
  • Opinion.
  • Show.
  • Events
  • Present.
  • International.
  • Society.
  • Sports.
  • Culture.
  • Science .

Examples of newspapers

  • The New York Times.
  • The Guardian.
  • Belgian politician.
  • The Nation of Argentina.
  • The Sunday Times.
  • El Universal de México.
  • El País, Colombian newspaper.

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