Office automation

What is office automation?

The term is used to define in the informatics area the tools applied for the management of tasks and operations in an office. When decomposing the term office automation, it can be seen that it is formed from two words , office and computing. This system focuses on optimizing and facilitating the storage and manipulation of information. It absolutely requires the use of computer equipment that connects to each other through an internet network.

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In this sense, it can be said that the system used in office automation can be automated. It is characterized by its simplicity and speed, any data or information collected manually can be transferred to it. It works through computer programs that allow to process data and texts, create databases and spreadsheets, make agendas and even schedule emails.Generally these programs, or also called office packages, are provided through specialized companies.

One of the best known companies in office automation is Microsoft Office, which provides a paid service for computers, it works only with Windows operating system. In the same way, it offers basic applications for mobile devices and Android, generally these are free due to their limited functions. For its part, OpenOffice is another open source office provider. It does not require payment for its installation services, it is free and compatible with basic operating systems such as Windows, Linux and OS X.

Microsoft Office Office Tools

  • Word: Probably the best known tool, it is used mainly for writing and writing texts. Through Word you can control the layout and format of the text, including its margins, font and font size and even the color. It also allows you to make tables and insert images and graphics in the document. Another function it offers is the creation of web pages , especially in terms of design.
  • Excel: This tool is characterized by its statistical management and control functions. Its interface is a spreadsheet that allows you to keep the office numbers, that is, accounts, invoices, data and statistics. The information can be organized in specific tables and by areas, these respond to the needs of the office or company.
  • Access: Essentially allows data storage. Its function is administrative, it can record personnel data, inventory and accounting books. Contributes to easy access and management of information.
  • Power Point: It is used mainly for the preparation of presentations that intend to share information with the office or company. It is also used to present education and training workshops. Its characteristics and functions allow and facilitate these tasks or processes. The program manages and attaches images, videos and sounds to the slide and presentation.
  • Outlook: It is an organizer and manager of emails, appointments and reminders, it allows you to schedule this type of information. Its function is used in the most personal and individual use, however, it can also be used in the business environment.

OpenOffice office tools

  • Writer: It is a processor and tool for the elaboration of texts and writing or writing files. Its interface is simple and practical for office use. Add images, charts, and diagrams to your document. Like word, it has the ability to correct spelling, in addition, it offers a word prediction and suggestion system.
  • Calc: This office tool is the OpenOffice spreadsheet. It is characterized by having a wide list of functions that are simple, practical and intuitive to use. It allows the performance of mathematical operations that contribute to the handling of numbers and statistics. In addition, this program reads files in spreadsheets with other formats such as Microsoft Office.
  • Impress: Its function is similar to that of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It allows presentations and slides to be made with 2D and 3D elements, and animations and animation effects can also be added. It facilitates the transmission of information and has the possibility of adding graphs, images and diagrams .
  • Math: It is dedicated exclusively to the management, control and elaboration of mathematical equations. Math can be used in two ways, the first is focused on working alongside other OpenOffice tools. The second is characterized by being used independently.
  • Base: Stores and archives data, is used as a manager and organizer. In this office you can enter, as in Access, information associated with accounts, invoices, inventory, customers and personnel.

Examples of office tools

  • Text reading and writing processor.
  • Those that allow the development of spreadsheets.
  • Agenda and registration programs or organization of appointments, meetings and emails.
  • Technology equipment such as printers, faxes, calculators, computers, and mobile phones.
  • Multimedia presentation tools.
  • Data storage and organization programs.
  • Programming software .
  • Network connection through the Internet.
  • Instant messaging and voicemails.

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