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Example of omnivorous animals that eat

Omnivorous animals that eat

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The omnivorous animals that they eat are varied, since there are mammals, amphibians, fish and even birds, among others. When it is said that an animal is omnivorous, it is because it can have a varied diet, being able to feed on plants, fruits and other animals .

These types of animals can obtain their food in multiple ways, be it hunting, being scavengers and others. Because they do not have a strict diet, it is much easier for them to get food. They also have the possibility of moving around, as they will find a source of food wherever they go.

Example of omnivorous animals that eat

As mentioned at the beginning, among the omnivorous animals that eat are various kinds of animals. Here are some examples divided by classes:


  • Human: Although some people maintain a diet free of foods of animal origin, as in the case of vegans , the truth is that the vast majority follow an omnivorous diet. Humans eat the meat provided by farm animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens, among others. They can also eat fruits and vegetables, which are essential to maintain a balanced diet and good nutrition.
  • Bear: Although the bear may seem like a great predator, it maintains a varied diet that includes insects, fish, mammals , fruits, among other foods that it may find in the environment. It should be noted that polar bears, living in arctic areas, have an exclusively carnivorous diet, since it is impossible for them to find other sources of food.
  • Fox: Foxes are also omnivores, feeding on rodents and other small mammals. They can also feed on insects and even berries and other fruits.

Reptiles and amphibians

  • Land turtle: These animals can eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables such as apples, lettuce, carrots, among others. Being omnivorous, they can also eat worms and insects.
  • Ocellated lizard : The ocellated lizard is an animal that can hunt small rodents and reptiles, however, it also includes fruits and berries in its diet.
  • Frog: Frogs are amphibian animals that can feed on plants, insects, rodents, and even birds. However, it is in their tadpole stage that they maintain an omnivorous diet, since as adults it is almost exclusively carnivorous.


  • Hen: The hen is a farm animal that can eat food of both animal and vegetable origin, from legumes, fruits and vegetables, to meat, chicken, worms and others.
  • Crow: These birds can also eat all kinds of food, frequently looking for food in city garbage cans. They can eat fruits, vegetables, insects, meat, among others.
  • Ostrich: The ostrich is, without a doubt, the largest bird on the face of the Earth. These birds feed mainly on plants and fruits, but they do not rule out rodents, insects, among others from their diet.


  • Cod: Cod can feed on algae and even other smaller fish, which is why they have an omnivorous diet.
  • Piranha: Another of the omnivorous animals that eat both food of animal and vegetable origin are piranhas. Not all piranha species are omnivorous, as some have an exclusively herbivorous or carnivorous diet. Omnivorous piranhas can eat algae, rodents, birds, other fish, prawns, among others.
  • Clown fish : Clown fish maintain a symbiotic relationship with anemones, which provide them shelter and food, since they feed on their bacteria, while the fish, thanks to its colorful colors, attracts other animals that the anemone. Clownfish can also eat algae, small octopus, squid, among others.

Other examples of omnivorous animals that eat

  • The spiny-tailed lizard of the Sahara.
  • Squirrels mainly eat nuts and other fruits, but they can also eat insects or spiders.
  • Pigs are also omnivorous animals, although in state they usually have a herbivorous diet .
  • Mice that live in urban areas can eat all kinds of food that they find in the garbage.
  • Seagulls can eat the eggs of birds, other smaller birds, as well as vegetables, rodents, insects, and much more. If there is a garbage can nearby, the gulls will not hesitate to rummage for food.

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