What does Online mean?

The word Online has its origin in the English language and translated into Spanish gives the meaning: online. When this term is used, it generally refers to a computer or device that is connected to a network or has access to the internet. In this sense, we can say that it basically refers to a state of connectivity of the user through a smart device.

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Through the media it is common to find Anglicism in phrases such as “Doctor Usler wants to give classes online since Monday during the closure of centers due to power failure”, “Supermarkets suspend their online orders in some areas due to excess demand ”.

Forms of use of this term

In this sense, when it is said that a person is online , it is because that person is connected on the web through their device or smartphone developing some particular activity. That is why currently in various social networks, the state of connectivity of people is known so that in this way, they realize the moment in which they are available to exchange information or not.

At present, one of the most widely used means of communication worldwide, due to its ease of access as well as to share information, is called WhatsApp , an application that is handled very regularly and easily in all environments, both personal and commercial. , and allows contacts to report if they are online or not to be able to speak directly and without inconvenience.

Another way to use this term is in virtual stores or online stores , which are responsible for offering their products or services through web pages ; This type of online stores allows users to see the products that the company or business offers and despite the fact that it is not a physical store in some cases, online service is not underestimated at all, especially due to the evolution of society today in day.

In the same way, the rise of the Internet has led to the emergence of another series of concepts that make use of the term online. Thus, for example, we would have to talk about what is known as an online store, which is a website that offers a specific series of products for sale and that allows those who so wish to buy those directly from their mobile device.

In this way, they select the items they want, enter their bank details where the invoice will be charged and establish the postal address to which they want their purchase to arrive.

Examples of handling the term online

  1. Online clothing store
  2. Online pastry
  3. Online shoe store
  4. Wholesale and retail of home accessories online.
  5. Online communication with clients and family
  6. Online user service

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