Parts of a Computer

What is a computer?

computer is an electronic equipment, which is responsible for receiving, storing and processing the required digital information. This type of equipment is designed to perform various logical and arithmetic operations automatically.

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Now, for a digital electrical device of this type to function correctly, it needs two essential elements, namely:

Parts of a Computer


The Hardware is all tangible and manipulable elements of a computer, that is, the physical elements of it that are responsible for distributing both information and data required for the proper operation of the equipment, example include:

Examples of computer parts

  1. Motherboard: it is the base of a computer, it is responsible for distributing all the necessary information so that the equipment can function correctly. Its basic purpose is to communicate with each other to all parts of the equipment, peripherals, among others.
  2. Processor: it is better known as the central axis of the motherboard, it is the heart of it. It can be said that it is the heart of the CPU.
  3. RAM memory: it is the space where the information that is developed while using the equipment is stored. There is also a ROM memory that is responsible for storing the basic information of the BIOS configuration that allows the correct operation of the computer.
  4. Communication strips: it is in charge of interconnecting the components of the computer with each other.
  5. Ports: They are usually also known as USB ports and are responsible for connecting various devices to the computer such as pen drives, telephones, printers, among other devices.
  6. Hard disk: devices are responsible for storing information on a computer.
  7. The keyboard: is in charge of transmitting the information that the user writes so that the equipment decodes and processes it, displaying it through the screen or monitor.
  8. Monitor: is in charge of visually transmitting the information processed by the computer or equipment through the CPU.
  9. Mouse: it is a physical element that allows you to send orders or commands to the computer.


The software is intangible elements of a computer, that is, is the logical CPU team. This element is in turn composed of various programs that together, allow the equipment to function correctly.

Software types

  1. System: it is in charge of ensuring that all programs are executed correctly and safely. It also includes the various equipment optimization tools, the various device or server controls, among others.
  2. Programming: these are the elements or tools that allow the new software to be optimally developed. This software is generally handled by team programmers, or by programmers in general.
  3. Applicable: they are in charge of facilitating certain tasks that are necessary in any computer type medium.
  4. Malicious: these are also known as malware, whose purpose is to create chaos on devices or steal private information from the user.

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