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PC Full Form | What is full form of PC in Computer?

PC Full Form stands for the personal computer (P=Personal C=Computer, PC in short). A personal computer is designed for general function and purpose and can be used by a single person at a time. it is a computing term used for hardware worldwide. it is not known as portable rather than a laptop.

PC Full Form

with these words,

I hope that you clearly understand what is the full form of PC.


let’s explore some other similar words with different meanings.

PC Program Counter
PC Parsec
PC Polycarbonates
PC Propylene Carbonate
PC Photonic Crystal
PC Palliative Care
PC Pyruvate Carboxylase
PC Pancreatic Cancer
PC Politically Correct
PC Police Constable
PC Phosphatidylcholines
PC Physical Contact
PC Pachyonychia Congenital
PC Picocoulomb
PC Providence College
PC Partidul Conservator
PC Petacoulomb
PC Phoenix College
PC Presbyterian College
PC Plaid Cymru

Program Counter: It is a register that is a memory address or location of executable instructions when these instructions are fetched by the Program Counter register, it increases its stored memory value by 1.

Parsec: the PC also is an acronym of parsec used for units in multiple terms in education and science subjects. It is the most common distance unit in astronomy which is equivalent to about 3.26 light-years (3.086 × 1013 kilometers).

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