Php examples

Php is defined as the open source language that is currently very popular for its great development on the web pages.

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The Php is a very easy to use because it can be embedded in HTML, is widely used by the amount of number of pages and web portals. Also, because it is open source, it is free.

10 Php Examples

  1. Return button in php: </a>;?>.
  2. While loop in php: while (if == 10).
  3. Calculations in php: first value 10, second value = 30.
  4. Post or Email: content _type: text / html.
  5. Dates and times: today’s date the code is <? = Date (“G: i: s”);?>.
  6. Password generator: password = generatePassword.
  7. Random letters and numbers.
  8. To upload files: it is done through Post.
  9. To read files: text. Text.
  10. Sessions: _start session.

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