What is planning about?

Planning is the art of planning strategies in order to achieve a goal that has been set. It is important to note that in order for this to be executed efficiently it is advisable to have several elements such as:

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  • Analysis : it is important to carry out the analysis of a specific question, that is, the environment, the context in which it is found and the variables must be evaluated.
  • Definition of the objectives: after carrying out the corresponding analysis, we proceed to define the objectives to be achieved. These objectives are known as the goal.

It is through planning that you can achieve or achieve a previously set goal, since it is through it that the guidelines to be followed in order to execute are set. During the process that is carried out, including the various variables that may be presented, the resources or elements that are available are evaluated in order to achieve the objective that is proposed.

Stages of planning

Every planning process has various stages that must be executed in order to carry them out. In this sense, the stages that planning goes through are the following:

  • Identification of the problem: first of all, it must be established what is the problem that you want to solve within the group where you want to execute the planning, in order to know where it is going.
  • The various options that are available and at hand must be analyzed .
  • After analyzing, we proceed to select the most viable option and then proceed to execute the action.

It is important to note that a planning process is constant and continuous, that is, planning is carried out on a daily basis and is reflected in aspects that range from the simplest to the most complicated.

Examples of a planning

  1. When you are going to hail a taxi, it is generally done to be able to get to a certain place faster. The options to be taken are evaluated, calls are made to verify the best option and one is chosen to execute the action.
  2. When lunch is going to be prepared. You first think about what you want to do, the materials to be used are located, the necessary materials are cut and prepared, and the action is carried out.
  3. When a product offering is to be established, it is planned and executed.
  4. When a new branch is going to open.
  5. When you start opening a business.
  6. To organize an event or activity.

Planning characteristics

Among the main features we can find:

  • Degree of knowledge
  • Analysis of the space and environment
  • Intuition

It is important to note that these three steps are fundamental in all planning, since they are the 3 fundamental pillars . Similarly, we must point out that everything will depend on what you want to plan, that is, depending on what you want to achieve, it is the execution of the planning. According to what we want to plan, we can find the temporal expectations, the breadth of the goal and the specificity.

The plans can be presented in the small, medium and long term, it all depends on the expectations that are had and the goal to be achieved or executed.

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