Definition of planning

Planning is the development of a plan to follow in order to achieve a particular objective or purpose that includes various efforts that are carried out in order to meet an objective and achieve the different purposes that are established in a planning. This process requires following to the letter the various steps that are set at the beginning, for which those who develop a planning use various tools and expressions.

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Planning is based on working on the same line from the beginning of a project , since it requires multiple actions when organizing each of the steps. According to the first step, according to the experts, is to establish a plan that will later be finalized.

In general, planning is a method that plans directly, whose plans will be carried out and supervised according to each planning.

Planning examples

Social planning

It is a process that allows organizing specific ideas in order to solve a specific social conflict. It is a plan to be carried out in order to improve a certain aspect of society. It is about the use of new planning methods that are based on geographic and demographic indicators, and its main objective is to use certain theories to renew a specific aspect of an element of the social system.

Social planning consists of three fundamental elements: superstructure (a group of ideas and values) social structure (practices of relationships, ways of relationships, community actions, types of government, etc.) and material infrastructure (technology, geography, demography and economy). By examining these three types of elements, it is possible to carry out social planning that produces a positive result and improves the quality of life of those who make up this society.

Business planning

It is an essential tool to obtain information and apply it according to the resources available in order to achieve the goals also set at the time of planning the action, and then carry out the procedures that have been chosen always looking towards the end, trying to control the process in order to always move towards the established priorities, relying on the strengths of the company.

Certain things can jeopardize planning, such as unforeseen events, originating from outside entities, resistance to adaptation of changes by customers, lack of information that may cause the plan to fall or establish the plan in ways inappropriate.

At the level of an organization , managers are what must carry out the plans that will be carried out in planning. The operation and execution of the plans can be a procedure carried out by a single person, who will necessarily have to understand the level of planning that has been required.

The individual who establishes the plans can also be the one who makes the decisions, although an organizational structure is generally established from which the rules and policies of the organization are imposed. In this area is where the functions, scopes and roles of the members are defined.

It should be noted that, although there are agencies that resort to planning of a formal and systematic nature, planning can take place empirically in everyday life. As well as the administration, planning is part of the majority of the population, organizations and companies of all kinds.

Strategic planning

It is a method used by senior managers of companies to achieve the goals proposed in the business plans.

The strategic organization phases are as follows:

  • Recognition of the general objective or problem.
  • Programming and development of programs.
  • Development of strategies, alternative solutions and specific objectives.
  • Programming and development of programs.
  • Identification of those responsible for each area, action or objective.

Family planning

Planning is known as planning that a couple establishes to consciously determine the number of children they will conceive according to their resources. They must take into account the needs that each child would have and that they will be able to satisfy them and coupled with this, the project they have as a family.

There is a wide variety of plans established by social organizations in order to help parents to carry out adequate family planning, but unfortunately this mechanism is rarely used since couples usually decide to have a child based on their wishes and wishes. not to their possibilities, which ends up being highly detrimental to society as children are born with fewer opportunities, dissatisfied and less happy.

At present, touching on the subject of family planning may also be pointing to birth control , that is, to the ways in which countries organize their populations, taking into account the resources of place and the needs that can be covered from a secured way.

Among the advantages that birth control brings with it is the incentive for women to give birth in their best years, reduce the number of abortions with contraceptive methods that prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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