Pool game examples

The pool is a game where accuracy and the imaginary calculating where each ball of the game will go is the key to victory. The game takes place on a specialized table for this purpose with a normally green upholstery, mostly wooden edges, although there are also other materials depending on the quality of the table. The object that we will use to give impulse to the balls is a cue. It must be clarified that it is not allowed to hit any ball directly with the cue because the cue ball specifically performs this function.

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  • 8-Ball Pool Game

8-Ball is one of the main pool games. 15 balls are used divided into two groups: striped and smooth. The smooth ones are the balls that have a single color and go from number 1 to 7. The striped ones are the balls that combine one color plus two white stripes, one upper and one lower. The hatched ones correspond to the numbers from 9 to 15. Ball number 8 divides the balls previously mentioned and that is why this ball has to be inserted last, once all the balls corresponding to your team have been introduced.

The rule to give the victory as good is to put the last ball (black ball number 8) in the hole opposite the last ball in your team. This means that if your team has to put the smooth balls and puts the last smooth in a right end of the table, the black one will have to put it in the other end of the table but on the left side. Not hitting a ball or hitting a ball of the opposing team means that the other team is entitled to two consecutive turns.

    • 9-Ball Game

This game does not use all the balls like the previous one, but only 9. The rule is to hit the balls in consecutive order until the 9 is scored; who the goal will be the winner of the game. Having to hit the balls in consecutive order does not mean that you have to hit them in that order. It is totally allowed to hit the ball that is still in order but to put another ball in.

  • Snooker

Perhaps the most complicated game of billiards because it uses 21 balls: 15 red and 6 of other colors. Each ball color has a different score. It is necessary to put a red ball in order to later introduce a ball of another color. The red balls add 1 point, yellow 2, green 3, brown 4, blue 5, pink 6 and black 7 points.

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