The word proactive refers to the person who has a proactive behavior.

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Being proactive means having the ability to take the initiative to solve problems or to simply carry out any activity, especially if it is of the organizational type. Proactive people anticipate situations to take control of them.

For a person to be classified as proactive, they do not necessarily have to try to do more than they should. You should only be able to carry out your tasks without being asked, either in your job or in any role in your life.


The proactive person generally anticipates the needs of the moment. He is someone who does not expect someone else to make a request; take the initiative to prevent that from happening and be as efficient as possible.

If an individual has a proactive behavior it means that they are not satisfied with waiting for things to happen in order to know how to react. This person prefers to handle the situation as they see fit, for compliance or to avoid it, as the case may be.

It is characteristic of these people to make better decisions and work tirelessly to achieve the proposed objectives.

The importance of being proactive

Having the ability to jump ahead to take initiative can lead to you being better at your job. You could be considered to manage larger tasks, perhaps in a higher position.

Proactivity at home is also very important, because it avoids falling into problems that reduce family harmony or it works as an impulse to carry out positive activities: traveling, creating a family business, starting a house remodeling project, etc.

On the other hand, those who decide to start an event organization business, regardless of their trade or profession, must have this quality, so if one day you decide to start your own business, and you are proactive, you already have good ground earned. .

Other related qualities

Proactivity supposes a set of qualities and behaviors, generally positive, that generate a characteristic profile, some of them may be:

  • They are people with confidence in themselves.
  • They know their limits.
  • They are communicative .
  • They like to help others.
  • They feel the need to take charge of almost any situation.
  • They are not afraid of changes.
  • They refuse to experience problems.
  • They generally have good patience.
  • They do their best to achieve their goals, therefore they try in many ways until it happens.

Examples of proactive

  • Take the initiative to have a farewell party for a co-worker and also organize a large part of the celebration.
  • When a boss asks his employee to perform a certain task, and when he detects that it will be necessary to do it in another way or adding other tasks to achieve the objective faster or better, he will do it without thinking that he is doing something that no one asked him to do.
  • Wedding planners. People who must ensure that all the expectations of the couple are met, even if they involve many details.

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