The word disposition refers to the act and effect of disposing or ordering something to be done. The term comes from the Latin device , where the prefix ” dis -” means “separation” or “divergence” and the verb ponere means “to put.”

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It is a concept that is very familiar to almost all of us, as we use it in different contexts of our lives. In any of its forms

Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms :

Placement, order, distribution, arrangement, grouping, mandate, law , precept, method , system, resolution, talent, conditions, ease, skill, ingenuity, aptitude, capacity, training, inclination, fluency.

Antonyms :

Disproportion, dislocation, disorder, inability, clumsiness, inadequacy, ineptitude.

Other uses

Among the other uses of the word are referring to the fact that a person feels enabled to undertake something, be it a simple task or something more complex.

It also refers to the mood of people, for example: Maria has a good sense of humor. With this we describe the current state of someone based on their mood.

On the other hand, we say that a subject has a certain thing to refer to material or immaterial goods. For example: Maria has two cars for her personal use.

Layout examples

Next, you will see some phrases with the word or its synonyms to understand a little more what it is about:

  • This resolution is applicable to the authorization of Order 104.
  • What should be the talent and humor of a priest?
  • Our staff is at your complete disposal to attend to your needs.
  • Internet and air conditioning are available in the modest hotel.
  • The effect of this mandate is limited in three ways.
  • This arrangement was explained in the initial report.
  • The teacher is always at your disposal for any questions.
  • You are happy when you have a cocktail bar at your disposal .
  • The Lord shows great kindness and easy to forgive.
  • The provision is applicable to all categories of offenses.
  • The candidate also underscored his willingness to support the transition process.
  • This mandate is already contemplated in some of the decrees.
  • Our telephone lines are at your disposal for any extra information.
  • For the text of that law , see footnote 765 above.
  • Now, I am willing to put my resources to your conditions.
  • All the resources in my office are at your disposal .
  • Our delivery service is at your disposal .
  • We remain at your service for any questions or information.
  • Two dishes from the menu are at your order in the hotel restaurant.
  • Not right now, not with my disposition !
  • A wide variety of products from this store are at your ease .

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