To reuse is to speak of using something and an object for the second time. In this sense, we refer to that activity through which man avoids discarding objects or things that can be reusable or can serve another purpose for which they were created.

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It is important to note that when reusing , we are giving a one to a thing or product that may well be discarded. In this way we contribute to the reduction of garbage on the planet and to the recycling activity.


  • Minimize the amount of garbage that is generated on a daily basis on the planet.
  • Generate solutions with materials that can be taken advantage of.
  • It has no cost, only with the elements or tools from home they can be made.
  • It is considered one of the most important actions within the ecological world.
  • Modify the perspective of consumerism.

One of the main characteristics of the reuse action is to end consumerism, this thanks to the fact that when purchasing a product, instead of buying the product over and over again, once used, it is used for another purpose.

Examples of how to reuse

  1. Wooden baskets of fruits. They are an excellent option to reuse for decorative spaces and country-style settings. Only with a sandpaper and varnish they are like new and they look quite attractive in open or closed spaces such as tables, chairs, among others.
  2. Old plastic boots. They are a very attractive proposal when sowing and the spaces are decorated. Assembling a vertical seedbed with colored plastic boots or whatever you have, are always a very good ecological idea.
  3. Glass bottles. Glass bottles are always a very good option when it comes to reusing. They can melt the glass again and make containers such as glasses or make decorative items for open or closed spaces. Assembling lamps are also a good option and an excellent idea to reuse.
  4. Plastic bottles. These containers are also quite useful when it comes to reuse. After these containers are unoccupied, they can serve as pots to build vertical seedbeds, toys can be made with them such as carts or motorcycles for children, even boats have been armed with these plastic containers. Plastic bottles are one of the most polluting agents on the planet and reusing them allows the world to breathe.
  5. Swings or hammocks with rubbers or old yantas. The yantas and the rubbers after being used, are agents in excess pollutants for the planet, that is why looking for a utility again after their habitual use, will always be a good idea. You only need a thick tree that has support, a rope and an old yanta and that’s it, children and young people have a space where they can be distracted. In this sense, they can also be reused to make kind of drawers that are well known in South America, it can also be used to build septic tanks. This is quite done in houses with few resources or that do not have access to drains.
  6. The shells of the vegetables can also be reused, instead of throwing them away, they can take the plants and serve as fertilizer for them.
  7. The leftover meat or bones are usually processed or ground and used to feed pets.
  8. The papers or cardboard can also be reused, for example printed sheets that are no longer useful in the office can be reused to take notes or to do homework for children at home. Cardboard boxes can be reused to store or keep things that do not have space or place in the home.

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